Top tips on how and where to land the remote job of your dreams

Working remotely has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Some of it has been owed to the unprecedented job uncertainty stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, while other factors have also contributed to the accelerated transition from in-office jobs to remote working opportunities.

Some of these factors include:

  • Greater strive toward personal financial independence;
  • Freedom to work from anywhere, anytime;
  • The notion to become your own boss;
  • Searching for more meaningful and positively impactful work;
  • General boredom with menial jobs;
  • Inflation, financial uncertainty, or welcoming a new member to the family.

In the following article, I'll take you on a tour to check out the best online boards to scoop up some of the juiciest remote job opportunities the market has to offer.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a popular online remote job board where businesses can list a variety of jobs in multiple categories for a price. Some of these categories are system administrator, technical support engineer, DevOps engineer, and more. It’s a great resource both for employers who are looking for specialized talent and vacant professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.

We Work Remotely is a Canadian company, founded in Victoria, British Columbia. Currently, there are over 25K jobs posted on the platform, and that number continues to grow. The majority of users that frequent the website are based out of the United States.

Here are some notable facts about the company:

  • You can share their posts on social media;
  • The jobs are sorted by categories;
  • In 2020, the site had an audience of around 350K users;
  • It features remote jobs only;
  • Businesses get to use additional features, such as email placements, logo displays, job highlights, and more.

As it’s the case with any online organization, WWR has its shortcomings too. These include:

  • It has a relatively high monthly pricing;
  • When you decide to purchase a service, the additional features are automatically added. Employers have to uncheck these add-ons;
  • The entry-level plan doesn’t feature any of the advanced features such as logo displays and email placements.

Currently, WWR is a great entry-level resource for potential employers to test out the waters and consider their options during the hiring process. Some areas that We Work Remotely can definitely consider improving include how they list their categories, the level of complexity of their filters, and the quality of leads, among other additions.


Jobspresso is another Canadian remote job website that allows employers to hire top talent from anywhere in the world. The site has an extensive database of freelancer resumes and features a comprehensive remote job search system that neatly ties together the supply and demand of the remote job marketplace.

As an example, some of the jobs on the site include digital business analyst, Azure engineer, full-stack engineer, and tons more. Each of the featured jobs is color-coded according to the corresponding category it belongs to (marketing, developer, sales) so that potential candidates can more easily sift through the numerous gigs on the site.

The highlights of Jobspresso are as follows:

  • It’s a trusted brand used by numerous leading sites such as Quora, Reddit and Yelp to uncover top talent in a variety of tech verticals;
  • At the time of writing this article, Jobspresso featured more than 100K resumes on their site;
  • All job postings come with a one-month-money-back guarantee feature;
  • Job advertisements are posted on the site and are also shared on Twitter;
  • Additional copywriting is offered to job postings to ensure a professional approach to each one of them.

And the cons, at least the ones I could ascertain, are:

  • The service is considerably pricy;
  • It offers fewer customization options compared to We Work Remotely;
  • You can only email them, but you cannot call the company as of yet;
  • You can only pay in US dollars to get your job featured on the site.

Jobspresso doesn’t have any independent online reviews of their service, but they do have reasonably favorable reviews from some of the leaders in paid marketing, including Business Insider, Forbes, and—among other publications. is an online job board for remote working opportunities. The site also features blog posts on how to help job seekers find and succeed in a work-from-home job, regardless of their physical location.

This online resource is unique in that it features the most job categories out of any other site on this list. Candidates can find remote jobs in marketing, writing, accounting and finance, virtual assistance, sales, project managing, data entry, recruiting, and dozens of opportunities in many other popular job niches. was founded in 2015 in Colorado, the United States. However, the site allows remote job listings for any country in the world, as long as you go through their process and do all the necessary steps in order to post a job. is good because:

  • It offers a discount on multiple job postings, unlike some of its competitors;
  • The process of creating and posting a job is very intuitive, quick and easy to do;
  • Candidates can more easily find a match thanks to the excellent categorization of jobs by their corresponding industry;
  • The number of posted jobs grows steadily each week. can be better because:

  • It’s not the most affordable option for companies and employers;
  • It doesn’t offer a free trial;
  • Not every listed job on the site is fully remote;
  • There isn’t an option to find a match by time zone or location.

All things considered, is excellent for people outside the IT industry, such as content marketers, data entry professionals, virtual assistants, and more. However, tech companies and developers should focus their attention elsewhere.


AngelList is an online resource that features remote jobs, opportunities for startups, as well as venture capital funding and advice. For companies, AngelList can be a great stepping stone to access thousands of qualified professionals. For remote workers (digital nomads are also welcome), it’s a simple-but-effective way to expand their reach into the global marketplace and find a remote opportunity that best matches their talent.

Thirdly, tech startup founders can also use the platform to raise capital, share their goals, network with other professionals in the field, and grow their businesses. AngelList is open for collaboration with professionals locally (San Francisco, United States), and internationally (world).

As a slight addendum, I would like to add that AngelList is mostly famous because of Naval Ravikant, Twitter master and Tim Ferris’ friend who spearheads the entire thing. Not to brag, but I’ve read his almanac and do indeed highly recommend it—with the tiniest grains of salt. Under the microscope, inscribed in the unutterable Black Speech of Mordor, that grain reads: Past actions don’t guarantee future success.

Some positives of AngelList include:

  • Employers will get access to a network of over 8M users;
  • Active job seekers can directly send applications to their potential employers;
  • Tech startups are welcome to list their work openings on the site;
  • The site features an unlimited free plan and an optional paid pro plan that comes with a 7-day free trial;
  • Working nomads will get almost-unlimited access to global job opportunities with a free sign-up.

AngelList doesn’t give off many negatives:

  • It’s mostly aimed toward tech startups, companies and businesses;
  • The sheer popularity, number of openings and a variety of job types can sometimes be a detriment to active job-seeking professionals;
  • The site does not provide candidate matching.

Professionals in the tech industry are more than welcome to visit AngelList (and its many iterations) for all kinds of resources on job hunting, job matching, and startup advice as well. The broader AngelList brand also features a weekly newsletter with the latest information on most tech-related topics, including AI, machine learning, navigating through remote working cultures, and more.


A little self-promotion never killed anybody, and that is why we’re also pitching you our own service.

We are not a traditional board where you can find high-paying remote jobs, but one that connects developers with tech companies for short, medium, and long-term projects. The model functions a bit differently than sorting, searching and applying to jobs, simply because we at Proxify strongly believe that human interactions are an irreplaceable way of doing business.

In a nutshell, here’s how the sourcing model works from the perspective of active job seekers.

First, you head on over to the careers part of the website and apply to become a Proxify member. Our goal is to source the best developers from all over the world, meaning that only 2% of the entire pool of applicants will become part of the network.

Then, our hard-working client managers (I’ve personally seen them work in real life, it’s really intense) will try to match you with a company that best aligns with your skills, experience and willingness to commit (pun intended). Some of the remote job categories include software development, web development, web design, as well as backend development, frontend development, full-stack development, data science, and plenty of other tech-related opportunities.

In fact, our developers are well-versed in the most popular programming and scripting languages, frameworks, and libraries today. Here are a few of them:

  • Angular
  • Android
  • React.js
  • C#
  • Flask
  • Flutter
  • Django
  • Gatsby
  • iOS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Typescript
  • Vue.js

For more information, feel free to visit our glossary page.

In addition, our chief growth officer William highlights the five most important positive features of Proxify:

  • Work from anywhere: 100% remote. Never commute again;
  • Exciting software engineering jobs and a wide range of different opportunities: From jobs at the hottest tech startups to leading brands in a variety of tech-related fields;
  • Vetted clients: We do the client vetting for you and make sure you only get no-nonsense jobs;
  • Continuity & longevity: If a project you’re working on is coming to an end, we aim to make sure that another one is lined up for you to start on. We want to invest in you for the long term.
  • Peer support: In joining Proxify, you join an awe-inspiring community of developers, designers and much more; a community where knowledge-sharing is highly valued.

Still confused? Think of Proxify as an elite network for software engineers who can access exclusive remote development job opportunities, it’s that simple.


Today, the opportunities for working remotely are plentiful. However, there is a lot of noise that needs to be cut out before you arrive at the real meat and potatoes of digital entrepreneurship and freelance work.

Hopefully, this cozy little guide will help you in doing just that.

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