React Native for Windows and Mac is launched

Jul 23, 2020 · 1 min read

React Native for Windows and Mac is launched

Microsoft simplifies desktop app development by releasing React Native for Windows and Mac

React Native is one of the most popular ways to build apps that work on both the iPhone and Android. iPhone and Android have different operating systems and it is therefore usually required to write two different versions of an app, one for the iPhone and one for Android. By using React Native you can write one version that works on both iPhone and Android.

There were some limited possibilities before to create a desktop version on a React Native app but with Microsoft's release of a new version of React Native for Windows and Mac , which is focused on performance, it makes it much more attractive than ever before to actually publish for desktop as well.

- React Native is already a popular choice among our clients when we develop mobile apps. Desktop versions are more rare as it is often very time consuming to develop. This is likely to change now. We expect that more people will choose to also add a version for desktop, says Viktor Jarnheimer CEO of Proxify.

At Proxify we have been working with React Native for several years and have several senior React Native developers available.