7 reasons to outsource IT to Ukraine by hiring Ukrainian freelance software developers

Jul 23, 2020 · 6 min read

The popularity of Ukraine as a software development outsourcing destination is growing year by year. With 20,000 IT professionals and US$ 5.4 billion worth of exported IT services in 2020, Ukraine is a strong player in the international market of nearshore and offshore software development.

The numbers impress and prove that Ukrainian developers are in demand. But what makes them such a terrific fit for European and US tech entrepreneurs?

1. They are software engineers, not coders

Today’s IT specialists in Ukraine are fostering the nation’s technical culture they inherited from previous generations of engineers. They approach technical tasks thoughtfully with a natural desire to create something they can be proud of. Having chosen software development as their profession, Ukrainians are chasing their career and grow to senior positions in 3–5 years.

55% of Ukrainian freelance developers have more than three years of experience in their profession.

Being result-focused, Ukrainian developers won’t strive to please you, as a client, at any cost. Instead, they’ll speak up any time they see a way to make things more optimal than it was originally planned. By giving you useful advice at the right time they can help you avoid costly technical mistakes.

2. Lifelong learners with tech education

DOU, the biggest Ukrainian online IT community, annually surveys about 10,000 tech folks to build a detailed profile of a typical Ukrainian software developer. This profile covers education, work experience, job satisfaction, and the lifestyle of Ukrainian IT folks. The report for 2019 shows that over 80% of Ukrainian software developers have higher education received in domestic technical universities.

56% of IT folks in Ukraine hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in tech fields, such as software engineering, system engineering, artificial intelligence, and others.

Even more important is that 88% of software developers in Ukraine are avid learners and continue self-education by taking courses and training taught by IT practitioners, and reading the most recent professional literature. This means that among Ukrainian developers, you’ll find a lot of enthusiasts who are in love with their profession.

3. Members of a vibrant tech community

Networking with peers and sharing experiences fuels professional growth. Ukrainian tech folks created an active local community. They organize and participate in numerous local niche meetups, workshops, and conferences attended by tech experts, evangelists, and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Ukraine has 50+ tech communities and hosts 1000+ tech events annually including the biggest ones: iForum, Lviv IT Arena, DEV_Challenge, SaaS Nation, ITEM, and DEVOXX Ukraine.

Ukrainian developers are frequent attendees and speakers at European and US conferences as well. They also contribute to international online tech communities and open-source software projects.

4. They play with the latest tech

Ukrainian programmers have a very strong skill set, both in technology and problem-solving. They often have good knowledge of emerging disciplines. In the Ukrainian IT talent market, you can find a pro in any programming language and technology, including the most knowledge-intensive, such as artificial intelligence and data science. The highest expertise Ukrainian developers have in C++, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, HTML, CSS, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Swift, and Perl.

Ukraine is home to prominent startups such as Grammarly, Gitlab, Readdle, People.ai, Preply, Ajax Systems, Depositphotos, Allset, Petcube, Attendify, Competera, MacPaw, and others.

A lot of developers from Ukraine also work for big technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Intel, IBM, and others. The fact that tech behemoths establish their R&D centers in this country proves the value of Ukrainian talent.

5. They speak English with confidence

Software developers from Ukraine have English proficiency allowing them to take part in international projects and comfortably communicate with tech entrepreneurs from Europe and the US. Since every Ukrainian IT company offers in-house lessons, all developers get a good grasp of English during the first couple of years in junior positions.

68% of developers in Ukraine speak intermediate and upper-intermediate English, while 13% speak English fluently.

When hiring Ukrainian talent you can count on ease of communication. Although most people still speak with an accent, it’s easy to understand, and you can be sure that the language barrier won’t be an issue.

6. They are easy to work with

Ukraine is the right choice if you want to hire developers with a close cultural fit. You can expect to work with open-minded people who adopt Western culture and values. Ukrainian programmers are known for their strong work ethic and a healthy level of ownership over a product. They usually appreciate straightforward and transparent communication and strive to build long-lasting professional relationships.

Time zones are another small thing that makes a huge difference when managing remote teams. Being 1-2 hours ahead of European countries and 7 hours ahead of the US East Coast, Ukraine is a great country for both nearshoring and offshoring businesses.

When hiring Ukrainian developers you can build efficient business processes and sync your working hours. They usually start working between 9 am to 11 am and finish between 6 pm and 8 pm EET. Overtime work is usually negotiable.

7. They are pros providing value for money

The cost of living in Ukraine is comparatively low. This is especially true for smaller cities. While charging three times less per hour than their peers from the EU or the US, Ukrainian developers earn enough to live a comfortable lifestyle, afford traveling, and self-educate.

Ukrainian freelance developers’ hourly rates on Proxify start from 29 € / h. Self-employed developers benefit from the Ukrainian simplified taxation system, which helps them run their own small business and make good money.

By outsourcing development to Ukraine you won’t employ the cheapest IT workforce, still will be able to reduce your project costs significantly. At the same time, you’ll benefit from the best in the world quality to cost ratio.

Choose Proxify.io to hire developers from Ukraine

The Ukrainian domestic IT job market is highly competitive. In most cases, developers start their careers as trainees in outsourcing agencies. In a couple of years, having grown professionally, they either get promoted within the company, or leave to join local and foreign startups, or become freelancers.

Many mature software developers work with foreign clients directly or via freelance platforms. Best-of-the-best freelance developers pass thorough vetting and join talent matching networks, like Proxify.io. This allows them to engage in interesting projects and earn just as much as their peers from local development agencies. As a bonus, they enjoy the flexibility of remote on-demand work.

By hiring on Proxify.io you access the best freelance tech talent that Ukraine has to offer. Leave us your talent request and get the work on your project started within days.


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