Ansæt talentfulde og godkendte designere til dit projekt

Ansæt talentfulde og godkendte designere til dit projekt

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"Det var først, da vi begyndte at samarbejde med Proxify, der kun har fjernudviklere, at alt faldt på plads."

Adrian Swartz, Gigway administrerende direktør

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Den rigtige person til den rigtige opgave, med garanti

Arbejd sammen i en prøveperiode med din nye kollega, fuldstændigt risikofrit i en uge. Betal kun hvis du er tilfreds.

There are other freelance UX consultants

Get in touch with us to get personalised matching with the best web UX designer for your project.

Why do you need UX design?

UX design shapes user flows and information architecture of a software project to create logical navigation and convenient page layouts that will ensure easy access to content and functionality. It shapes the end-to-end experience people will have during their interaction with the software interface.

Why is UX design important?

UX design plays a huge role in establishing trust and loyalty to your brand and products. It defines how fast people start using your software, how satisfied or frustrated they feel in the process, and how likely they’ll recommend it to others. From the marketing perspective, UX design can make or break your product’s customer retention, upselling, and word-of-mouth advertising.

What is a good UX design?

A good UX design makes the software a joy to use. It’s created with the goal to help users feel their needs with as little effort as possible. To create good UX, designers should truly understand what the software should do for users and offer them a fast and intuitive way to achieve the desired results.

How UX impacts SEO?

UX design influences your website rankings through user engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, page dwell time, or mobile-friendliness. Search engine algorithms take those metrics into account to ensure they deliver the best search results for their users.

How UX and UI work together?

UX and UI designers collaborate closely on the creation of interfaces. UX designers determine how the user interface works and how users interact with different interface elements. They create the flow and layout of the app. In their turn, UI designers define how every element of the user interface looks and appears on the screen. They work with color pallets, shapes, and animations.

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How much does it cost to hire a at Proxify?

When it comes to pricing, we believe in transparency. You always know how much you will pay. Our simplest pricing plan is flexible pricing where you pay between 28 and 35 euros / hour. That's it, no hidden costs and no startup fees. The price you pay between 28 and 35 € / hour depends on the experience and seniority of the selected. If you know in advance that you will need someone part-time or full-time, we can offer you an even lower rate if you are able to commit to those hours. You can always switch between our pricing plans.

How does the risk-free trial period with a work?

It's simple, due to our thorough and best-in-class vetting process, we know that our are among the very best in their field. This is why we can offer you a risk-free trial for one week. You only pay if satisfied.

Can Proxify really present a suitable within 1 week?

Yes, in close to all cases we can present a within a week. There can be cases where a client might be searching for a with particular, additional skills or experience and then it can sometimes take longer to find the right candidate. If you feel that your case may be unique or particular in any way, get in touch and we will be able ascertain the most likely timeframe for finding the perfect profile that suits your needs.

How does the vetting process work for ?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we have one of the industry's most comprehensive vetting processes. We receive thousands of applications from who apply to become a part of Proxify but only a fraction of those designers pass through our screening process: interviews, portfolio review, logic, personality and English tests - we told you it was comprehensive! Indeed under 4% of those that apply become a part of Proxify and this enables us to guarantee that you will be presented with a senior, trusted who we know will be the perfect match for your company.

Stressfrit ansættelsesforløb af teknisk ekspertise starter her

Kodning er et universelt sprog. Derfor søger Proxify vidt og bredt efter de bedste globale talenter inden for teknologi. Vi gør det sikkert, trygt og nemt at ansætte udviklere og designere. Og til en god pris, selvfølgelig.

I et kort opkald på 15 minutter vil vi gerne:

  • Forstå den type talent, din virksomhed har brug for
  • Drøft den engagementsplan, der er bedst egnet for dig
  • Forklarer nøjagtigt, hvordan Proxify fungerer

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