Ahmed B.

Software Engineer

Ahmed is a highly skilled software engineer with seven years of valuable commercial experience.

  • Specializing in full-stack development with a focus on back-end technologies, Ahmed has a proven track record of designing, developing, and delivering scalable SaaS solutions;

  • As a collaborative team player, Ahmed actively contributes to positive work environments and consistently exceeds expectations in delivering high-quality solutions;

  • Ahmed's commitment to quality is evident through his thorough approach to validation, employing comprehensive unit and integration tests to ensure robust and reliable software products;

  • Ahmed is poised to excel in any software engineering role and contribute significantly to the success.

Main expertise
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails 5 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 8 years
  • GraphQL
    GraphQL 3 years
Other skills
  • HTML / CSS 8 years
  • Vue.js
    Vue.js 3 years
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 3 years
Ahmed B.


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Selected experience


  • Software Engineer

    Rasayel - 1 year 10 months

    • Connect WABA providers channels (CM.com, Twilio WABA, IMAP email, Cloud WABA API);

    • Enriched user profile with ability to add data attributes of various types;

    • Build an Authentication layer for the app;

    • Introduced messages search using Elasticsearch;

    • Introduce Roles & permissions across the app;

    • Introduced in-app health checks to give users visibility over connected integrations' health.

    • Tools & Technologies Ruby, Rails, Memcached, Shoryuken, Elastic-search, PostgreSQL, Docker.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
    • Ruby Ruby
  • Software Engineer

    Octopods - 1 year 4 months

    • Connect new channels to the omni-channel app (GBM and VBM);

    • Introduce health checks for existing channel connections;

    • Enhance server throughput against high traffic and enhance DB query optimizations.

    • Tools & Technologies Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Docker, AWS, and GitHub.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • AWS AWS
    • Ruby Ruby
  • Backend Engineer

    Instabug - 1 year 11 months

    • Implemented analytics charts and insights for bugs, crashes, and surveys products;

    • Implemented filtering and searching of crash occurrences using ElasticSearch;

    • Increase the accuracy of crash occurrences grouping algorithm to help developers track issues effectively;

    -Tools & Technologies Ruby, Rails, Go, JavaScript, Redis, Sidekiq, ElasticSearch, MySQL, Docker, Kubernetes, and GitHub.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • ElasticSearch ElasticSearch
    • Redis Redis
    • Git Git
    • Ruby Ruby


  • BSc.Faculty of Engineering

    Ainshams University · 2011 - 2016

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