Akram C.

Software Architect/Technical Lead/Senior Consultant

Passionate software developer with over 15 years of commercial experience across Java and JEE-based technology stacks.

Akram is mainly focused on Clean Software Architecture, Testing, Documentation, and System Design besides cleanly implementing them. Influential team member with a unique ability to lead a group as well as work within a group cohesively.

He also has hands-on experience in frameworks including Spring, Maven, Mockito, JavaScript, SAP, and SAP Hybris. Particularly interested in the new uses and opportunities of Cloud computing.

Main expertise

  • Java Java 15 years
  • Spring Spring 10 years
  • Soap 5 years

Other skills

  • Eclipse 12 years
  • Maven 10 years
  • MySQL MySQL 8 years

Akram C.

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Selected experience


  • Architect JAVA/JEE

    SoftParadigm - 1 year 4 months

    • Development and maintenance of e-commerce websites for 5 countries(EPAM)

    • Production support (Belgium, Romania, Serbia, Czechia, Greece).

    • Adyen Payment integration.

    • Prepare an event to be sent to Kafka confluent.

    • Bug fixing and code refactoring.

    • Development of a security module.

    • Design and development of a security module to control the rest APIs based on the concept of Role, User Group, domain, and instance.

    • Use a specific, non-Spring-related annotation to customize the need.

    • Development of low code generator module

    • Develop a low code generator based on bluePrint.

    • Expose rest API with expressJs.

    • Develop rest API management of engagement life cycle.

    • Develop unit test.

    • Development of BPMN module

    • Add abstraction to Camunda BPMN and expose a new API to be used as plug and play.

    • Prepare the module as a spring boot starter to be fully auto-configured and easy to plug.

    • Technical Documentation.

    • Integration & audit of “Socle BPM”

    • Integration of task management.

    • Audit of source code.

    • Develop unit test.

    • Technical Documentation.


    • Technologies:
    • Spring Spring
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
    • Java Java
    • MariaDB MariaDB
    • Node.js Node.js
    • Express.js Express.js
    • Apache Kafka Apache Kafka
  • Tech Lead JAVA/JEE

    Keyrus - 1 year 11 months

    • Development of an automated process management application

    • Development of the setting module.

    • Development of the access request process.

    • Development of the service request process.

    • Integration of dynamic validation for the process.

    • Integration of email.

    • Automatically assign a user to its validation step through a task filter according to the validation circuit.

    • Coach Technical Teams.�

    • Technical Documentation.

    • Development of different forms for the ministry of Interior

    • Development of forms.

    • Synchronization of users and organizations between LDAP and the Liferay database.

    • Development of the workflow validation for forms according to the users involved in the validation circuit.

    • Coach Technical Teams.

    • Technical Documentation.

    • Development of Orange Digital Store

    • Development of an Orange Digital Store application based on microservice architecture.

    • Design exchanges between the gateway and other microservices.

    • Design multiple microservices to manage service, category, and media.

    • Secure calls between web application and backend.

    • Coach Technical Teams.

    • Technical Documentation.


    • Technologies:
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
    • Java Java
    • Microservices
    • Angular.js Angular.js
    • Vue.js Vue.js
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Oracle Oracle
  • Keyrus – Virgin Megastore UAE/KSA

    Senior Consultant SAP Hybris - 2 years 7 months

    • Support of webSite Virgin UAE and Virgin KSA.
    • Support and team management.
    • Development and conception of evolution features
    • Support of Production.
    • Technical Environment: SAP Hybris 6.3, Prediggo, Checkout & Payfort PSP, Jquery.
    • Development of an e-commerce website for Virgin KSA
    • Team management.
    • Data Model conception.
    • Development and conception of the main functionality of the website store.
    • Third-party integration (payment methods, indexation …).
    • Technical Environment: SAP Hybris 6.3, Prediggo, Payfort PSP, Jquery.
    • Development of an e-commerce website for Virgin UAE.
    • Support and team management.
    • Development and conception of daily jobs and data management.
    • Third-party integration (payments methods, indexation …).
    • Technical Environment: SAP Hybris 6.3, Prediggo, Checkout PSP, Jquery.


    • Technologies:
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Enterprise Architect Enterprise Architect
  • Senior Consultant JAVA/JEE

    Keyrus, XCLINICAL Tunisia - 2 years 6 months

    • Migration of Jboss7 to Wildfly10.
    • Migration of maven dependencies to Wildfly10.
    • Correction of API enhancement.
    • Migration from JAVA 7 to JAVA 8.
    • Use docker for daily deployments.
    • Technical Environment: Java, Eclipse, Docker, JBoss7, Wildfly10
    • Senior JAVA/JEE for XCLINICAL
    • Conception and development of the main part of the patient form.
    • Development of soap web Services.
    • Bugs analysis of clients’ reports.
    • Benchmarking.
    • Automatisation of selenium tests.
    • Documentation.
    • Technical Environment: Java, Eclipse, Jmeter, JProfiler, JBoss7, Jquery


    • Technologies:
    • Java Java
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Eclipse
    • Docker Docker
  • Tech Lead JAVA/JEE

    Jasmine Conseil – Tunisie - 4 years

    • Benchmarking and optimization of custom application
    • Perform load tests, tuning applications, and WebSphere 8.5.
    • Migration from Struts1 to Strust2
      Technical Environment: Java, Eclipse, apache Jmeter, Strust2, EJB3, WebSphere 8.5 under Z/OS
    • Migration of Project EJB2/Struts1 to EJB3/Struts2
    • Conception of customs architecture
    • Migration of actions Struts1 to Strust2
    • Migration of Ejb2 entities to Ejb3 entities.
    • Develop Unit test.
    • Integrate the Selenium test.
    • Technical Environment: Java, Eclipse, Struts2/EJB3, Websphere 8.5, TomEE, Jquery.
    • Development of an application for Senegal customs.
    • Development of registration module for declaration.
    • Development of Rating of records.
    • Correct bugs related to the mapping between entities and database.
    • Deployment of the application on WebSphere 7
    • Technical Environment: Java IBM Rad6, Struts1, EJB2, WebSphere 6/7, Jquery
    • Conception and development of an Agile collaboration solution for developers
    • Design and development of engagement creation module
    • Development of API to create svn repository
    • Integration of maven API
    • Integration of Jenkins API
    • Integration of Sonar API
    • Integration of Jira API
    • Technical Environment: Java, Eclipse, Spring, JPA 2, Richfaces, Tomcat 6


    • Technologies:
    • Spring Spring
    • Java Java
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Eclipse
    • Maven
    • Jenkins Jenkins
    • Selenium Selenium
    • Struts 2 Struts 2
    • JUnit JUnit
    • Unit Testing
    • Tomcat Tomcat
    • Jira Jira
  • JAVA Developer

    GS1 Tunisia – Ariana-Tunisia - 2 years 9 months

    • Conception and development of pharmacy application.
    • Users Management.
    • Medication management.
    • Purchasing Management.
    • Stock Management.
    • Development of a report module
    • Technical Environment: Java/Swing, Netbeans, IReport.
    • Maintenance of an e-commerce platform.
    • Bug fixing.
    • Maintenance of invoice management module.
    • Technical Environment: Java/Swing Eclipse, IReport, drools, JMS, Axis Webservice.


    • Technologies:
    • Java Java
    • Eclipse


  • BSc.Computer Engineer

    Université de La Manouba · 2004 - 2007

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