Senior PHP Developer

26 €/h

Alex is a highly-skilled and self-starting PHP developer based in Lviv. He is one of our most experienced developers, having spent close to 10 years working with PHP, during which time he has been using a range of frameworks including Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter and Yii.

Alex is content working both individually or as part of a team. He is an efficient and effective developer, delivering reliable code.

## Programming skills
In addition to writing beautiful code, Alex is comfortable using several PHP frameworks and has a particular focus on user-friendliness. Some of his previous work has included integrating payment systems, creating online booking systems, database functionality (big data) and ERP systems. Hence Alex is a multifaceted developer who is happy working with different aspects of web development.

## Communication
Alex has good command of the English language, both written and spoken. In our initial call with him, he came across very well, not only passing our code test with flying colours but also impressing us with his ability to express himself without too much difficulty.

  • PHP


    10 yr.
  • Laravel


    5 yr.
  • CodeIgniter


    9 yr.
  • Zend


    7 yr.
  • Symfony


    3 yr.
  • Yii


    3 yr.
  • HTML


    10 yr.
  • CSS


    10 yr.
  • MySQL


    10 yr.
  • PostgreSQL


    5 yr.
  • MongoDB


    6 yr.
  • JavaScript


    10 yr.
  • Angular.js


    2 yr.
  • Ionic


    2 yr.
  • jQuery


    9 yr.
  • Bootstrap


    6 yr.
  • CakePHP


    4 yr.
  • Caffe


    3 yr.

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