Oleksii T.

Senior .NET Developer (10 years total development experience)

✔️.NET developer with experience in .NET Core (Web API, EF, MVC), Xamarin.Forms, ASP.NET MVC, Appium, Selenium, WPF, Web Forms, SQL Server

✔️Hands-on experience with payment gateways (PayPal), PoS (Poynt), building distributed systems with the Microservices pattern

✔️Cloud infrastructure knowledge including Azure, AWS, Docker, Redis, Apache Kafka. Additional experience working with Windows Server, Data Warehousing with Azure Synapse and Databricks

✔️Supporting experience with Angular and React

✔️Initial history with Python (TkInter, Selenium), ActionScript 3.0

✔️Products involvement: Mobile Autotesting System, Inventory Tracking System, Feedback Portal (Ratings/Comments), Payment Gateway, Social Media Casino, Traffic Bot, Browser Games

Main expertise

  • .NET
    .NET 5 years
  • .NET Core
    .NET Core 4 years
    ASP.NET 5 years

Other skills

  • AWS
    AWS 3 years
  • WPF
    WPF 3 years
  • Xamarin
    Xamarin 3 years
Alexey Tkachenko

Oleksii T.


Book Oleksii T.

Selected experience


  • Senior .NET developer

    EPAM - 2 years 4 months

    Project 1 involvement:

    • Refactoring a legacy codebase;

    • Implementing the batching as a layer wrapper around existing ”singular” features in a fragile codebase under severe time constraints.

    Project 2 involvement:

    • Covering the codebase with unit/integration tests;

    • Improving and extending the error reporting in the app;

    • Implementing media file support on the back-end;

    • Overseeing extensive business logic and API changes in a web app

    • Migrating the authentication to a different provider/library.


    • Technologies:
    • Azure Azure
  • Senior Software Engineer (Contractor)

    Private SaaS Platform (Contract) - 8 months

    • Project - Xamarin.Forms app and .NET Core back-end for a SaaS platform (payment gateway microservice)

    • PayPal Express Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro for seamless checkout experiences

    • developed custom payment forms and workflows that integrate seamlessly with PayPal gateway

    • custom PayPal checkout experiences with branding and messaging that align with the business identity;

    • customized PayPal payment workflows for complex business requirements;

    • integration with third-party services such as QuickBooks for streamlined accounting;

    • using Poynt SDK to manage offline sales and invoices;

    • implementation of the Xamarin.Forms app business logic;

    • additional work with ETL Data Warehousing using Azure Synapse and Databricks.


    • Technologies:
    • .NET Core .NET Core
    • Azure Azure
    • Xamarin Xamarin
  • Senior C# developer (Contractor)

    MURKA (Contract) - 9 months

    • Appium logic to control multiple devices, connected to the server;

    • API and business logic of the device controlling service;

    • Entity domain model and database schema for the app;

    • Variety of cross-cutting features like logging, reporting, etc;

    • Basic Razor Pages-based HTML/JS UI for internal system usage.


    • Technologies:
    • .NET Core .NET Core
  • .NET developer

    EPAM - 10 months

    Project one involvement:

    • Memory caching system for crucial entities;

    • Implementing the commenting service and respective entities with support for liking, nesting, sorting;

    • File upload service (size, type validation, etc.);

    • Kafka bindings configuration (fetching data for the DB from the broker).

    Project two involvement:

    • Fixing, cleaning up and optimizing a variety of DB queries in the code;

    • Fixing UI bugs in a variety of client codes (both angular and react were used);

    • Adding unit tests to existing service logic;

    • Migrating API from .net framework to .net core.


    • Technologies:
    • .NET .NET
    • .NET Core .NET Core
    • AWS AWS
    • Apache Kafka Apache Kafka
  • C# mobile developer/ActionScript developer

    Playtika - 1 year 7 months

    • In-game currency cashback UI and API interaction;
    • daily bonus UI and API interaction.
    • variety of side-games, minigames within the main social media casino app, their UI and server ineraction
    • visual effects, animations and gameplay logic


    • Technologies:
    • C# C#
    • Xamarin Xamarin


  • Standalone courseAutomated Control Systems of Technological Processes

    National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use · 2012 - 2013

  • BSc.Automation and Computer Systems

    National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use · 2008 - 2012

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