Andrija Ž.

Backend | Python Developer

Andrija is a skilled backend engineer with a strong proficiency in Python, Django, Flask, and FastAPI. He has five years of commercial software experience. With a keen interest in DevOps, Andrija is experienced in deploying and maintaining web applications. Additionally, he has a solid understanding of React basics, adding front-end capabilities to their skill set.

  • Demonstrated ability to work with data and extract insights to enhance product performance;

  • Detail-oriented and committed to delivering high-quality solutions that align with business objectives;

  • Andrija mostly worked with product companies and delivered the best applications for them;

  • Familiarity with React basics, enabling front-end development capabilities.

Main expertise
  • Python
    Python 5 years
  • Flask
    Flask 4 years
  • Linux
    Linux 5 years
Other skills
  • Django
    Django 3 years
  • Redis
    Redis 3 years
  • FastAPI
    FastAPI 3 years
Andrija Ž.


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Selected experience


  • Python Engineer

    Funding Options - 2 years 6 months

    • Remote team member for a UK-based organization, following Agile methodology;

    • Adding new features using Django, Flask, and FastAPI frameworks;

    • Integrating third-party APIs to enhance functionality;

    • Maintaining and optimizing existing code bases;

    • Collaborating with teams and stakeholders to gather requirements;

    • Writing clean, efficient, and tested code;

    • Conducting code reviews and addressing feedback;

    • Troubleshooting API integrations and fixing bugs;

    • Analyzing and improving existing code;

    • Participating in daily stand-ups and retrospective meetings.


    • Technologies:
    • Django Django
    • Python Python
    • Flask Flask
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • Docker Docker
    • React.js React.js
    • FastAPI FastAPI
    • Microservices
  • Python Engineer

    Holycode - 3 months

    • Collaborated directly with the front-end and product teams to add new features to the application;

    • Implemented functionality to fetch and parse data from Google Ads, including KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and CTR (Click-Through Rate), to display and utilize on the front-end;

    • Performed low-level database operations to fetch and store large amounts of data efficiently;

    • Worked in a remote team, utilizing Agile methodology for efficient and collaborative project management.


    • Technologies:
    • Django Django
    • Python Python
    • Flask Flask
    • SQL SQL
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • HTML / CSS
  • Python Developer

    FIS - 1 year

    • Worked remotely with a team from Sweden, following Agile methodology;

    • Integrated Python services into desktop applications for improved functionality and performance;

    • Improved middleware used by multiple services for optimal communication and data exchange;

    • Developed modules to handle data sent by external services for efficient data processing;

    • Enhanced existing components to meet new standards for reliability and scalability;

    • Collaborated with the team to prioritize tasks and estimate effort;

    • Conducted code reviews and addressed feedback to ensure code quality and consistency;

    • Wrote clean, efficient, and maintainable code while adhering to coding standards and best practices;

    • Tested and troubleshot code for performance and functionality issues;

    • Participated in daily stand-ups and retrospective meetings to discuss progress and identify areas for improvement.


    • Technologies:
    • Python Python


  • BSc.Information Technology

    University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences · 2012 - 2019

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