Balman R.

DevOps Engineer

Balman is a Certified AWS DevOps Professional and Certified Kubernetes Application Developer with 7+ years of industry experience.

  • He has expertise in automation tools such as bash, Ansible, CloudFormation, Terraform & Golang.
  • He is expert in managing contains in prod with ECS, K8s.
  • He is skilled in designing and building CI/CD pipelines with Github Actions, CodePipeline, CodeBuild and Jenkins.
  • Additionally, he has experience in provisioning and configuring Linux servers using Ansible, CloudFormation, and Bash
  • He is experienced in managing and live scaling Ruby, NodeJs, Golang, Python, Java based backends.
  • Finally, he is capable of setting up observability systems in place with Grafana, Prometheus, ELK, and Newrelic etc.
Main expertise
  • DevOps
    DevOps 7 years
  • AWS
    AWS 7 years
  • Linux
    Linux 7 years
Other skills
  • Golang 2 years
  • Kubernetes
    Kubernetes 1 years
  • Helm
    Helm 1 years
Balman R.


Book Balman R.

Selected experience


  • Sr. DevOps Engineer

    CloudFactory - 3 years 5 months

    • Setting the technical documentation guideline and categorization for the team.
    • Being part of the SOC2 audit and helping the company achieve it by interacting and reviewing the auditor’s request.
    • Setting engineering team-wide code standards by defining various metrics like code coverage, bugs, code duplications, and security vulnerabilities and enforcing them through the CI process.
    • Helping in preparing the run book on various systems or scheduled maintenance of different parts of the platform.
    • Extending the functionality of CloudFormation by writing custom CloudFormation logic in AWS lambda functions using AWS SDK Golang.
    • Conduct various engineering-wide sessions to educate/collaborate about various DevOps/shared initiatives
    • Preparing technical OKRs for upcoming quarters, breaking them down, prioritizing, and delegating to team members.
    • Designing and developing proper multi-stage CI/CD flow that implements various deployment strategies like canary deployment, rolling deployment, and blue-green deployment.
    • Managing full observability of applications (logs, traces, metrics) and infrastructure metrics by using tools like NewRelic, Prometheus, Grafana, ELK stack, PagerDuty, and Honey-badger.
    • Managing Cloud security posture by cloud using various network security measures like Dome9, AWS WAF, AWS Shield, VPC, NACLs, Subnets, VPC endpoints, IAM policy, roles, and Security Groups.


    • Technologies:
    • DevOps DevOps
    • AWS AWS
    • Linux Linux
    • Golang
    • Docker Docker
    • AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
    • SonarQube SonarQube
    • AWS ECR
    • Vagrant Vagrant
  • DevOps Engineer

    CloudFactory - 1 year 10 months

    • Executing various maintenance and upgrade tasks by preparing playbooks.
    • Designing and developing data pipeline solutions with tools like Prefect, dbt, AWS Glue, Kinesis stream, Athena, and Firehose.
    • Running VPC migration of the production systems in AWS Cloud.
    • Administrating Linux Servers and databases like MySQL, Postgres, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, DocumentDB, and ElasticSearch.
    • Automating things with bash scripts, Ansible Playbooks, and IAC technologies like CloudFormation, and Terraform.
    • Creating developer helper tooling solutions to ease the local development
    • Running the services with minimal privileges using IAM best practices and providing sound isolation by using multi-account strategies.
    • Working with microservices, docker containers, and orchestrating platforms like ECS.


    • Technologies:
    • AWS AWS
    • Linux Linux
    • Docker Docker
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Helm Helm
    • AWS Beanstalk AWS Beanstalk
    • Jenkins Jenkins
  • Co-founder

    Thorang Solutions Pvt Ltd - 1 year

    I had the exciting opportunity to co-found a software company called Thorangs Pvt. Ltd. with three close friends. While Thorangs wasn't a runaway success, it was an incredible learning experience that brought us closer as friends.


    • Motivating, maintaining team spirit, and creating a positive working atmosphere inside the company
    • Gathering and validating project requirements with various clients Preparing sales pitches, slides, and documentation to attract potential customers
    • Keeping stakeholders informed throughout the project lifecycle
    • Planning, prioritizing, and delegating tasks within the team
    • Ensuring successful project delivery within the set timelines
    • Collaborating effectively with team members to achieve project objectives


    • Technologies:
    • Linux Linux
    • Team leading


  • BSc.Computer Engineering

    Himalaya College Of Enginneering · 2011 - 2015

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