Andriy S.

Fullstack Developer

Andriy is a software engineer who specializes in implementing backend systems using languages such as Java, Python, Scala, and Go.

He has several years of experience incorporating open-source big data software such as Mesos, Kafka, and Cassandra into business oriented-solutions.

Andriy is a passionate developer who has made several contributions to open-source engagements. He is exceptionally skilled in building web applications using full-featured web frameworks such as Grails and Spring MVC.

Main expertise
  • Java
    Java 6 years
  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark 4 years
  • Python
    Python 4 years
Other skills
  • Hibernate
    Hibernate 5 years
  • Scala
    Scala 5 years
  • Apache Kafka
    Apache Kafka 4 years

Selected experience


  • Java Developer

    Freelance - 2 months

    • Developed a component of the programmatic advertising platform. Its goal is to give a campaign manager the ability to manage audiences of a potential campaign.


    • Technologies:
    • Java Java
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • Spring Spring
  • Data Engineer

    Cogniance/Star Global - 7 months

    • A programmatic platform allowing to optimize ad campaigns based on gathered information from click, impression, conversion streams. Communicated with the client in order to gather the information allowing the creation of the project vision, business flows, use cases, architecture, implementation, and support phases models.


    • Technologies:
    • Cassandra Cassandra
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
  • Java Developer

    Cogniance/Star Global - 2 months

    • Application, that allows various vendors to create RFP responses based on previously submitted proposals.
    • Developed project architecture from scratch. Incorporated programmatic components responsible for training and executing of machine learning models into project pipelines.
    • Layered up a programmatic foundation for a web application.


    • Technologies:
    • Java Java
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
    • Spring Spring
    • Hibernate Hibernate
  • Software Engineer

    Cogniance/Star Global - 5 months

    • Design, development, documentation and maintenance of such platform components as:
    • Tools and libraries for Zipkin - a distributed tracing system. Implemented Mesos framework, low-level libraries for Java and Go.
    • Mesos tools for working with Spark based dashboards, such as Zeppelin. Creating simple Spark jobs for processing cluster hardware metrics.
    • Kafka and Mesos tool set for Heron, Apache Storm successor.


    • Technologies:
    • Docker Docker
    • Java Java
    • Cassandra Cassandra
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark

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