Ajri S.

Full Stack Rails/React Software Developer

Talented Ruby on Rails developer with 3+ years of commercial experience.

Ajri is a self-motivated software developer with more than three years of commercial experience in developing, designing, analyzing, and supporting multiple web-based applications, focusing mainly on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript frameworks - React.

His experience includes projects where he: contributed to designing and implementing an e-commerce website, multi-client platforms, a financial app, large-scale databases, etc.

He has over six years of hands-on expertise in HTML/CSS and SCSS technologies. This indicates a long experience with UI/UX-connected positions.

Main expertise

  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails 6 years
  • HTML / CSS HTML / CSS 6 years
  • JavaScript JavaScript 5 years

Other skills

  • WordPress WordPress 2 years

Ajri S.

23.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Software Engineer (React Developer)

    Hennessey Digital (based in California) - 1 year 8 months

    • Developed Front End for large multi-client platforms using ReactJS.
    • Created requested features on the Back End using Flask


    • Technologies:
    • React.js React.js
  • Software Engineer (Wordpress Developer)

    Hennessey Digital (based in California) - 5 months

    • 5 months Front End developing using HTML/CSS and JavaScript(jQuery) on a custom WordPress theme
    • Created multiple WordPress websites for American Law Firms using HTML/CSS/jQuery


    • Technologies:
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • WordPress WordPress
    • jQuery jQuery
  • Software Developer(Ruby on Rails)

    Albina Dyla - 2 months

    • Created multiple web-based applications to facilitate real-life operations and organize data for a large number of employees.
    • Helped maintain an e-commerce website.
    • Provided solutions for IT-related problems in an office with 50 employees.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Technical writer

    Wiki Ponder Workshop, IPKO Foundation -

    • Collaborated with a group of 6 other youngsters to solve multiple cases of inequity through debate and critical thinking.
    • Wrote a Wikipedia article about “Technology in Kosovo” in a group of 3.
    • Won 2nd Place as a group in the “Best Wikipedia Article” competition.
  • Software Developer(Ruby on Rails)

    Individual Contract - 1 year 3 months

    • Researched and implemented different programming concepts as a Full-Stack
    • Developer for a Financial Application for a national client.
    • Developed a large-scale database for this application.
    • Created innovative interface designs for Social Network-based web applications


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Project Facilitator

    IPKO Foundation - 1 year 1 month

    • Project: “Education for Employment” - Small-scale project to reinforce Design Thinking into teenagers.
    • Organized and supported the overall course of the project
  • Assistant Mentor in Programming

    BONEVET - 1 year 5 months

    • Researched effective ways to teach the Basics of Programming.
    • Developed and managed the class curriculum.
    • Assisted in more than 5 classes.
    • Motivated and stimulated students, encouraging learning through experience.
    • Observed and recorded students’ progress and shared knowledge with other mentors and parents through “Student IDs”.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Electric Vehicle Touch Tablet (Android Developer)

    BONEVET - 1 year 10 months

    • Used Java to create the Android Application and Arduino for the microcontroller.
    • Engineered software for an Android Tablet to achieve a connection (data reading) with an electric vehicle.
    • Researched various topics related to electrical and software engineering.
    • Pitched the project idea to large groups of up to 50 people.
    • Collaborated with 3 other group members through the whole course of the project (a year-long project).
  • Volunteer

    Vice-Chairman, Children Assembly of Gjakova - Save The Children - 3 years 6 months

    • Support the rights and welfare of children in Gjakova
    • Led groups of 40 children in meetings
    • Advocated different cases of inequity for children in Gjakova.
    • Volunteered in multiple charity activities through the Assembly.


  • MSc.Artificial Intelligence

    ELTE - Eötvös Loránd University · 2022 - 2024

  • BSc.Computer Science

    University of Debrecen · 2019 - 2022

  • Standalone courseLogics - Intelligence

    Atomi Project - International Institute for Extraordinary Intelligence · 2017 - 2018

  • Standalone courseHardware and Software Projects

    BONEVET Makerspace · 2014 - 2019

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