Irakli L.

.Net Expert&Information Technology Consultant

Talented developer with 20+ years of commercial experience.

Irakli has over 20 years of working in software development and technology consultancy for the public and private sectors in technologies such as .Net, C#, C++, UI, and WPF.

He started his career in 1997. During his impressive working history, Irakli gained substantial expertise in planning and implementing large and medium ICT solutions.

He is proficient in IT Governance, Information Security and other ISO management systems, Privacy Management, Program/Project Management, and ISO management systems.

Irakli has contributed to various governmental projects and made his input in e-services development in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, and other countries. He can easily develop E-Government solutions.

Main expertise

  • .NET .NET 20 years
  • C# C# 20 years
  • C++ C++ 15 years

Other skills

  • MSSQL MSSQL 20 years
  • MS SQL Server MS SQL Server 20 years
  • HTML / CSS 15 years

Irakli L.

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Selected experience


  • ICT Expert

    Innovation and Reform Center, USAID, GGI Founding Project - 4 months

    • Understanding requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Georgian consular abroad for building a Call center
    • Elaborate methodology for customers’ needs assessment
    • Data analysis from the stakeholders and finalizing RPF for Ministry
    • Selection of the IT solution and partner integrator IT company
    • Coordination of IT-related activities with the project manager
    • Ensure timely delivery components of IT integrator partner
    • Ensure project success and elaborate future development plan
  • Senior e-governance expert/ICT analyst.

    Innovation and Reform Center, GGI Founding Project - 4 months

    • Building a Resilient Public Service Delivery System in Georgia
    • Analyzing Services and backend software of Municipalities Stakeholder
    • Drafting recommendations for improving services, business process, and ICT backend and front to improve service delivery quality of municipal services.
  • Data Privacy Architect

    Privacy Logic Group - 1 month

    • Consulting
    • Implementing Data privacy in the VABACO’s HIS (Health Information Management System)
    • Analyzing the existing architecture of the solution
    • Conducting an audit of GDPR
    • Conducting an audit of Georgian Local requirements on privacy
    • Give recommendations regarding changes in software architecture level to meet privacy requirements
  • Information Technology Governance Consultant

    NAEC National Assessment and Examination Center - 1 year 10 months

    • Consulting the organization on how to improve IT Governance and efficiency of IT projects
    • Consulting on the development of school K-12 national-wide assessment solutions, examination management, scoring, and reporting
    • Analyzing needs of the stakeholders K12 schools and education specialists
    • Selecting software solution for the K12 examinations platform
    • Conducting multiple pilots for K12 computer-based examination tests
      Selection IT Partner company to develop K12 examination: 1] evaluation systems 2] question bank and 3] reporting system
    • Ensure quality of delivery trainings
  • Security Sector Expert

    IBF International Consulting - 1 year 3 months

    • Support the Security Sector Reform program preparation in Georgia in compliance with international and EU standards and obligations
    • The implementation of the commitments assumed under the Association Agreement and the VLAP, the EU funded program EU4Security, Accountability and Fight against Crime in Georgia (SAFE) has been adopted to address in particular the following areas:1) Prevention of and fight against crime; 2) Hybrid and emerging threats; 3) Civil protection, Crisis management, and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear) threats; 4) Oversight of the security sector and policy dialogue
    • Evaluation Current capacity of the in each direction 1,2,3,4
    • Analyzing stakeholders’ needs
    • Analyzing international Practices
    • Elaborate vision document for government and donor organizations to support the Georgia SAFE program
  • IT Consultant

    Innovation and Reform Center, EU Founding Project - 2 years

    • Developing PAR M&E Platform (PARMEP)
    • Creating a framework for evaluating public services
    • Creation of a sustainable PAR monitoring system through developing specific assessment frameworks and engaging in large-scale M&E efforts nationwide
    • Environment of creating a methodology for evaluating public service
    • Elaboration on the methodology of evaluation customers need
    • Elaboration of the methodology of evaluation of ICT solutions for solving customer needs and providing service (Including stakeholder analyzes, environmental analysis, implementation, maintenance, support)
    • Working with a selected IT partner company to develop a web portal for external assessors to help work on a new service evaluation methodology
    • Portal has both the back end and front end, so I was responsible for the selection of architecture, tools, environment, and UX
    • Ensure that the selected IT partner delivers timely and quality products
  • Cybercrime Training Expert

    Human Dynamics - 1 year 3 months

    • Technical Assistance
    • Built the Cyber-crime division for the Ministry of Internal Affair in Georgia
    • Evaluation of the current capacity of the cybercrime division
    • Analyzing the needs of the stakeholders
    • Selecting training for law enforcement divisions
    • Selecting training providers
    • Ensure quality of delivery trainings
    • Elaborate with the Ministry’s strategy in the fight against cybercrime
  • ICT Software Developer/Analyst

    USAID, Chemonics International Inc. - 1 month

    • Analyzing RPF and after tendering documents for Automation of business processes and introducing software solutions for the Government of North Macedonia (GoNM) State Commission for Prevention of Corruption (SCPC)
    • Review for validation and confirmation of the information contained in the Tender specification documents of the software solution of the SCPC
    • Meeting stakeholders and providing recommendations for the project
    • In-depth review of system design documents that will serve as supplemental information
    • Analyzing Tendering documents and providing evaluation of them
  • Service Delivery Consultant

    Tetra Tech ARD - 2 months

    • Project: Development of Public Service Delivery Strategy (PSDS) for Batumi City Hall - USAID funded Good Governance Initiative in Georgia (USAID_GGI)
    • Needs and opportunity assessment
    • Development recommendations on improving public service delivery processes including a recommendation on introducing new and improving existing ICT tools
  • Information Technology Governance Consultant

    National Assessment and Examinations Center - 1 year 11 months

    • Consulting on improving IT Governance and improving the efficiency of IT projects
    • Consulting on the development of school K-12 national-wide assessment solutions, examination management, scoring, and reporting
  • Service Delivery Consultant

    UNDP GE - 2 years 3 months

    • Project: “Support to Public Administration Reform of Georgia” (PAR)
    • Consulting Tbilisi City hole’s department of Tbilisi architecture services on improving providing services
    • Needs assessment and business process analysis
    • Analyzing existing IT Infrastructure
    • Establishing, monitoring, and evaluating the department and introducing various tools for monitoring organization indicators
    • Introduction elements of ICT governance
    • Development of final recommendations
  • ICT Consultant

    USAID, Chemonics International Inc. (Ukraine) - 1 year 6 months

    • Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative. The aim is to improve the quality of service delivery at the Administrative Services Center (ASC) and Department of Social Protect Projection (DSP) in Luhansk Oblast Ukraine Confidence Building Initiative
    • Analyzes of current and used IT Solutions(s) in targets ASC for delivering service or registration of Citizens’ place of residence and DSP delivering service on housing subsidiaries
    • Conduct focus group discussions, stakeholder meetings, interviews, etc.
    • Facilitate workshops, develop presentations and contribute to determining performance solutions and provide recommendations
    • Assist ASC’s and DSP’s staff to review/analyzing the process of piloting the software, identifying gaps, and recommending the upgrade, improvements
    • Assist in developing IT solution specifications (including hardware and software)
    • Assist UCBI procurement and program team
    • Development of replication package of developed solutions for other DSPs
    • Modernization and automation of services related to registration of a person’s place of residence
    • Development of replication package of developed solutions for other DSPs
    • Modernization and automation of services related to registration of a person’s place of residence
  • ICT Consultant

    UNDP Tajikistan - 1 year

    • Project: Feasibility Study to define institutional capacities and technical requirements for the digitization of Archives in Tajikistan
    • Identification of necessary structural adjustments to introduce a centralized electronic civil status registration system and simplification of administrative procedures
    • Assessment of existing electronic systems by being responsible for the revision of EU/EPOS developed information system
    • Identification of relevant infrastructure/software capacities
    • Identification of gaps and relevant needs currently hindering the civil registration process
    • Study document conditions in archives to evaluate requirements and necessary works for the scanning process
  • Governmental CERT representative of Georgia

    Council of Europe - 1 year 4 months

    • Cybercrime institutional and legislation development and alignment to the internarial practice.
    • Building information exchange solutions between the participant countries.
  • Chief information officer (CIO)

    Georgian Microsystems - 17 years 8 months

    • Developing software and security solutions for governmental and commercial organizations

    Solution Codex:

    • Development and maintenance of Georgian National normative act database/service system (Laws, Normative acts research solution)
    • Since 1995 providing quality service to produce scalable, and easy to use software

    Solution Codex DS:

    • Development and maintenance of Document Storage solution for the organization to set up and manage its internal documents
    • Supporting and consulting on maintaining searchable electronic storage of organizational internal documents and digitalization of paper-based document archive
    • Since 2007 providing quality service
    • Understood and monitor customer requirements and ensure that products meet customers’ requirements
    • Code Development for the Solution
    • Ensured Uninterrupted run of the services


  • MSc.Applied Mathematics

    Tbilisi State University · 1993 - 1998

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