Luka D.

PHP, Magento, Wordpress developer

Talented Web developer with 7 years of commercial experience.

Luka has a solid knowledge of front-end and back-end environments. He is skilled in using PHP, Javascript, Node.js, Typescript, Vue.js, React, and Laravel.

From 2020 he has primarily shifted to developing WordPress sites and plugins.

Main expertise

  • PHP PHP 6 years
  • JavaScript JavaScript 6 years

Other skills

  • WordPress WordPress 5 years
  • Magento Magento 4 years
  • Vue.js Vue.js 2 years

Luka D.

26.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Wordpress developer

    Mask Limited - 8 months

    • Created a site for a company during the pandemic era;
    • This also included making the site available in several languages and currencies based on your location;
    • Translation has been handled without the usage of any plugins.


    • Technologies:
    • WordPress WordPress
    • WooCommerce WooCommerce
  • Magento developer

    Bolt - 1 year

    • Worked with Bolt, a multi-million company and wrote unit tests for them in PHP - Magento;
    • Helped with migration to Magento 2.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Magento Magento
  • Wordpress developer

    Film Festival Flix - 1 year

    • Optimised WordPress rest API load speed;
    • After the improvements in the new API version, according to some calculations, the site’s speed became faster by 60%;
    • Created image optimization plugin that goes through 2 terabytes of images and resizes/optimises them. To create this properly and, more importantly, efficiently he has batch processed images;
    • Used and maintained ACF, Geolocation, WP Rocket and tons of other WordPress plugins;
    • Created custom theme to fill out the needs of clients;
    • Added digital signing on all videos being hosted on Amazon CDN.


    • Technologies:
    • WordPress WordPress
  • Wordpress developer

    Guaranteed Network - 1 year

    Created and maintained a site for a company.
    The main plugins used were:

    • Elementor Pro;
    • WooCommerce.
      This also included implementing and importing designs from Webflow.


    • Technologies:
    • WordPress WordPress
    • WooCommerce WooCommerce
  • Lead front-end developer

    leosphere - 2 years

    Created and maintained several online platforms in the windmill industry that involved gathering data from wind turbines and representing them on various charts, grids, tables et cetera. This also included creating user acceptance tests for the whole front-end app.

  • Front-end developer - 1 year

    Created a VueJS app that’s serving as a micro front-end for an already existing app on popular online games.


    • Technologies:
    • Vue.js Vue.js
  • Software developer

    CSGOEMPIRE - 1 year

    Maintained and developed code structure for csgoempire which has more than 2 million users logged in monthly:

    • Created csgoempire’s initial transaction service and maintained it with the owner;
    • Migrated web delivery platform for serving PHP pages from Apache to Nginx;
    • Reviewed code written by other developers;
    • System administration - gained experience maintaining servers running on Linux distributions (Ubuntu, CentOS);
    • Managed the properties of the server in the PLESK solution.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
  • Web developer

    UTCoinBets - 1 year

    Added WAX platform into the site:

    • Integration of external API service into Prestashop;
    • Implemented VueJS for the front-end structure.


    • Technologies:
    • Vue.js Vue.js
    • PrestaShop PrestaShop
  • Full-stack developer

    Grab points - 1 year

    • Developed both back-end and front-end and integrated site with 3rd party APIs;
    • Structured and created MySQL database for the site with over 20 SQL tables with references between them;
    • Used NodeJS to create project back-end code with Express as an HTTP host;
    • Integrated back-end code with 3rd party software;
    • Communication between them was done by implementing Webhooks into the project;
    • Added payment options on the site (both depositing and withdrawing);
    • Login system with OpenID support;
    • Design and front-end code.


    • Technologies:
    • Node.js Node.js


  • BSc.Software Engineering

    University of Technical Sciences · 2014 - 2017

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