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Our recruitment is done by experienced developers who have founded their own startups before. We make sure that the developers we source are able to build your project correctly - from start to finish. All developers below have test worked with us before they start with you.

Risk-free test period

Pre-vetted developers

Experienced fullstack
30 € / hour


Experienced fullstack

Oleksiy is a passionate and dedicated web developer with over 5 years' experience. His skills have been forged during a rich professional career which has included working in various business contexts.

Vue.js Vue.js
3 years
Fullstack Javascript ninja star
35 € / hour


Fullstack Javascript ninja star

Artem has developed different web and mobile applications for over 6 years. An enormous drive and a genuine interest for results with the end user in mind, is what makes Artem one of the most talented fullstack developers we have worked with.

Vue.js Vue.js
3 years
JavaScript guru
29 € / hour


JavaScript guru

Alexandra is one of our most communicative developers and a leading star in Vue.js. She has many years' experience using JavaScript and a trained eye for design and the finer details.

Vue.js Vue.js
4 years

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