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How developing remotely can be in line with the lean startup approach

Jul 23, 2020 · 2 min lue

How developing remotely can be in line with the lean startup approach

Whether your organisation is a successful incumbent, a growing SME or a small start-up in its infancy, you’ve probably already heard of the lean start-up method – lean is not just an ephemeral buzz word in business circles but an established and respected business ideology.

We love Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup and also think that outsourcing or outstaffing development work can be a key factor in creating a minimum viable product (MVP). The Lean Startup talks in depth about the need to quickly verify our hypotheses regarding a product. The ability to test the waters with an MVP is the best way to do this.

Working with remote developers is relevant here insofar as it is a well-known way of achieving speed to market or, in other words, the speed at which we can create a product or service in order to be able to test it against hypotheses held about that product or service, whether it’s a prototype or a more developed version.

It also enables us to create and develop without having to commit the financial and physical resources that could be consumed if such work was performed in-house. An exploratory approach like this is a great way of getting our product in the public eye without expending all of our resources and it allows us to effectively measure the response and interest it generates within our customer/consumer base.

In essence, working with remote developers enables the streamlining of the product development phase, and companies of all sizes are therefore in a position to reap the benefits while mitigating or minimising risks. Companies should not get obsessed with the idea of creating the perfect product in the very beginning; the ability to gain feedback and the need for flexibility and innovation should be prioritised and we strongly believe that working with remote developers enables this.

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