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Revenue Operations Manager


Revenue Operations Manager

  • Sweden
  • Full-time

Are you a strategic thinker who is hands-on, detail-oriented, and passionate about driving revenue growth?

We are on the lookout for a Revenue Operations Manager to play a key role supporting the company's revenue growth. You will be our first hire in this role, which means that we are looking for someone who has done this before and can help us set it up for success. Your mission? Facilitate alignment of strategies and optimize funnel efficiency across marketing, sales, and customer success teams, drive data integrity, turbocharge CRM efficiency, and spearhead growth initiatives that push boundaries. This role requires innovation, strategic prowess, and a relentless pursuit of revenue excellence. Think you're up for the challenge?

You’ll report to: Chief Commercial Officer

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all commercial operations, including CRM management, sales and marketing analytics, and strategy execution
  • Collaborate with sales, customer success, and marketing teams to streamline funnel efficiency
  • Update best practices and organize training to ensure the sales team excels in product knowledge and sales techniques
  • Monitor team performance, identify improvement areas, and manage sales operations projects
  • Manage system implementations, process redesigns, and sales tool deployments
  • Optimize tools and technologies for enhanced productivity and maintain a clean CRM
  • Design and execute sales incentive programs to drive high performance
  • Work with finance for accurate revenue forecasting and reporting
  • Drive continuous improvement in sales processes through data analysis
  • Lead client satisfaction improvement initiatives

Why you’ll love this opportunity at Proxify

❀️ Join a team of tech lovers where support and humility are our guiding principles
πŸ“ˆ Take a lead in a role with a high business impact
πŸš€ Great opportunities for professional development and personal growth
✈️ Work in a truly international environment where we from time to time meet and spend quality time together (our team spans 39 countries!)

To be successful in this role, we believe that you:

  • Bring experience from an effective revenue/sales operations role or a related position, focused on revenue generation
  • Are a problem-solver with excellent communication skills –you sort out disagreements like a pro!
  • Possess excellent analytical skills with the ability to interpret sales data and metrics, ideally proficient in SQL
  • Have a track record of coaching and collaborating with highly operational sales teams and leaders
  • Excel in organization and time management, like a multitasking pro keeping all the plates spinning :)
  • Are proficient in CRM software and the Google suite of products

    At Proxify, we believe that together, we can achieve our dreams. Anything is possible, with the right people. Are you in?

    Be our guest and visit our website to learn more about us. Can’t wait to meet you! πŸš€

    Kindly submit your application and CV in English, as this is the standardized language we use at Proxify.

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    At Proxify, we welcome everyone to apply. We want people that rigorously match the job description, but we also place high value on resilience, passion, honesty and diversity. At Proxify, we welcome all sorts of backgrounds, life experience and points of view.

    Our hiring process

    This is our default hiring process, but bear in mind that it can be different for every role. You'll be informed about how yours will look in the first introduction call.

    We got you covered!

    • Screening call

      Screening call

      We gather information about your professional background and assess whether your values align with ours. We will present what's expected from you and how the working culture is.

    • Meet the hiring manager

      Meet the hiring manager

      You will meet your future manager and gain a more in-depth understanding of the specific role and responsibilities. We will assess the role fit and set up the right expectations. Our aim is to ensure that you thrive in your new role.

    • Case assignment/interview

      Case assignment/interview

      You will prepare an assignment that demonstrates your skills and, following the assignment, the team will ask some follow-up questions.

    • Meet your future colleagues

      Meet your future colleagues

      Take the opportunity to meet your future colleagues and ask them questions to get a better idea of the team's dynamic.

    • Reference check

      Reference check

      We add the perspective of your ex-colleagues or leaders to dig deeper into your skills and qualifications.

    • Offer stage

      Offer stage

      Congratulations, you received an offer from us! Now it is time to settle all details. When that is done you will be contacted by our HRBP, and start your onboarding process. Welcome to the team!

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    English applications only