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Follow these rules to avoid problems in communication with remote developers

Five important rules for successful communication with your offshore or freelance team.

Follow these rules to avoid problems in communication with remote developers

Communication can of course be a challenge when you have developers who are in another country. However, this does not necessarily need to be a problem. Therefore, below we have compiled five rules on how to collaborate with remote developers.

1. Be clear in your communication

Repeat and repeat again. You want to make sure everyone understands what you want and need.

2. Have daily reconciliations

If the developers are working every day, you should communicate every day, whether this is a more formal daily stand up over Skype or just a few messages on Slack. Do not just send instructions and hope it gets done.

3. Use video calls

Be someone they can see when they think of you. Luckily there is no deficite in tools to help you communicate with remote developers. It is important for developers working remotely to have a face. If you become more of a “person”, they will probably become more motivated instead of “someone who they receive an email with instructions from”.

4. Get personal

Think aout how to communicate with remote teams in informal atmosphere. Spend some time getting to know your developers. Find out when their birthdays are. This creates loyalty and motivation.

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