Technical Recruiter


Technical Recruiter

  • Remote, anywhere
  • Full-time

Are you a tech-savvy student with awesome people skills? đŸ€© Then, look no further!

We've got an exciting opportunity waiting for students studying Computer Science, Software Engineering, Data Science, or any related field.

Every day, Proxify receives a flood of applications from developers all over the world, each one presenting a potential gem of talent. Are you ready to navigate this vast pool of talent and identify the best of the best?

Now, you have the opportunity to integrate your strong technical expertise with your interpersonal skills in a key role shaping our global developer network. As the primary point of contact, you'll engage with developers worldwide who are applying to join our network. Conducting initial assessments of both their technical capabilities and soft skills, you'll also present Proxify and the career opportunities available within our network. This role allows you to play a crucial part in providing developers with the opportunities they deserve.

Here's a glimpse into your week:

  • You'll designate the hours you're available for interview scheduling, adjusting as needed, especially close to exam periods.
  • You'll conduct scheduled screening interviews, evaluating both hard and soft skills of developers and progressing candidates through the process. You will negotiate terms and conditions while managing developer expectations.
  • Regular check-ins with your mentor will be scheduled to assess progress, review performance data, and receive guidance on enhancing your screening success rate.

      Why you’ll love this opportunity at Proxify:

      ❀ Join a team of tech lovers where support and humility are our guiding principles
      📍 Work remotely, set your own hours(evenings and weekends)
      🚀 Kickstart your career with a part-time gig that's as fun as it is rewarding
      🌐 Connect with tech enthusiasts worldwide
      📈 Stand out from your student peers by highlighting diverse soft skills on your resume

      About You

      • You're currently in the exciting journey called "student life", majoring in Computer Science or a similar discipline
      • You've been experimenting with programming since early age
      • You're not just a people person, you are a mind reader... well, almost!
      • You have excellent proficiency in English
      • You approach problems with an analytical mindset
      • You have a natural curiosity that leads you to embrace new experiences, even those you never imagined trying, like recruitment :)

      You'll gain any other necessary skills through our comprehensive onboarding process.

      And yes, this will be considered paid work.

      Work Hours: This is a part-time gig role, and the payment structure operates on an hourly rate for interviews. On average, you will conduct 20-30 interviews per week (15-20 hours). Additional interviews are also possible based on volume and motivation. We aim to offer developers 24/7 availability for scheduling screening calls. This role is specifically focused on covering hours outside of CET business hours, allowing individuals in CET to work evenings and weekends. For those in other time zones, different working hours may apply.

      Why it may not be your match:

      ❌ Your profile doesn’t align with our search criteria

      ❌ You prefer to keep your distance from people interactions

      ❌ You're not up for working on weekends and after CET business hours 

      Kindly submit your application and CV in English, as this is the standardized language we use at Proxify.

        Be our guest and visit our website to learn more about us. Can’t wait to meet you! 🚀

        Apply to Proxify

        English applications only

        At Proxify, we welcome everyone to apply. We want people that rigorously match the job description, but we also place high value on resilience, passion, honesty and diversity. At Proxify, we welcome all sorts of backgrounds, life experience and points of view.

        Our hiring process

        This is our default hiring process, but bear in mind that it can be different for every role. You'll be informed about how yours will look in the first introduction call.

        We got you covered!

        • Screening call

          Screening call

          We gather information about your professional background and assess whether your values align with ours. We will present what's expected from you and how the working culture is.

        • Meet the hiring manager

          Meet the hiring manager

          You will meet your future manager and gain a more in-depth understanding of the specific role and responsibilities. We will assess the role fit and set up the right expectations. Our aim is to ensure that you thrive in your new role.

        • Case assignment/interview

          Case assignment/interview

          You will prepare an assignment that demonstrates your skills and, following the assignment, the team will ask some follow-up questions.

        • Meet your future colleagues

          Meet your future colleagues

          Take the opportunity to meet your future colleagues and ask them questions to get a better idea of the team's dynamic.

        • Reference check

          Reference check

          We add the perspective of your ex-colleagues or leaders to dig deeper into your skills and qualifications.

        • Offer stage

          Offer stage

          Congratulations, you received an offer from us! Now it is time to settle all details. When that is done you will be contacted by our HRBP, and start your onboarding process. Welcome to the team!

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        English applications only