Baris U.

Senior Java-utvecklare

Baris är en backend-utvecklare som har arbetat i 5 år inom olika typer av affärsområden. Framförallt har fokus varit på Java Spring Boot och .NET.

Expertis inom: Java, Spring Boot, .NET, Software Design, Agile Product Development, Game Development, FoU, Cloud Native Systems and Applications, Microservices, Reactive Programming, Object-Oriented Programming.

He can solve problems quickly and with excellent quality.

His specialties include Java, Spring Boot, Software design, agile product development, game development, R&D, Cloud native systems and applications, microservices, reactive programming, and Object-rriented programming.

Huvudsaklig expertis

  • Java Java 5 år
  • Unit Testing 5 år
  • Docker Docker 5 år

Andra kompetenser

  • Jenkins Jenkins 5 år
  • Postman Postman 5 år
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL 5 år

Baris U.

359 kr per timme


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Utvald erfarenhet


  • Software Engineer

    Zynga Inc. - 6 månader

    • Working on Card Studio of the company and responsible for 4 games, which are BluffPlus, OkeyPlus, CanakOkeyPlus and BackgammonPlus. As a Backend Developer was implementing APIs for several purposes such as Mobile, Web, Internal Zynga Services(collected game data) and Facebook services (authorization and payment). All of four games are composed of Java 8, Spring Boot v2.2.0, Maven, Rabbit MQ(for communicating internal services like Campaign Service asynchronously), Redis and Ehcache, MySQL8.0, JPA.
    • In addition, transforming legacy codes that were written in PHP to Java and Spring on these projects. JUnit 4, Mockito are used for unit-tests. MockMvcis used for integration-tests at APIs. Also, creating alerts and dashboards in Sumo Logic(for logging) and New Relic(for JVM and process health) after implementation finished in order to monitor the applications and did quick fixes when necessary.


    • Teknologier:
    • Java Java
    • Unit Testing
    • Docker Docker
    • Redis Redis
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
  • Software Engineer

    adesso Turkey - 2 år 4 månader

    • Worked on a global project for Daimler AG, which is used for producing batteries for cars at the Daimler factory in China. At the first stage of the project, with DevOps techniques, completed infrastructure setup on Kubernetes as Docker containers by creating Ansible scripts for them that applied the principle of Infrastructure as a Code. Implemented microservices such as creating a strong commitment to Fundamental Design Principles like DRY, KISS, YAGNI, etc. As a Backend Developer, started to implement microservices in Java 8, Spring Boot v2.0.2, Maven, Jax-RS, Rabbit MQ (for idempotency and asynchronous purposes), IBM MQ (messaging for external services), PostgreSQL 9.6 and JPA. Besides, JUnit 4, Mockito and PowerMockito are used for unit-tests. Rest-Assured and H2 Database are used for integration-tests at APIs. For E2E tests and performance tests in service-to-service communication, Gatling is used via implementing with Scala. For UI Automation tests, Cucumber and Selenium Driver also were used.


    • Teknologier:
    • Java Java
    • Unit Testing
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
    • Maven
  • Software Engineer

    NETAS - 9 månader

    • Researched on LoRaWANtechnology which is the type of wireless communication used for long range distance and Internet of Things. Reported and presented all specific details of LoRato the supervisor and the team via presentation. Worked on a project that creates water-meter as an IoT device which detects water optically (LC Sensors) and communicates with gateway via LoRa Technology. Especially developing software with C programming language which will be used for the device’s microprocessor (MSP430) according to LoRaWAN Protocol.
  • Intern, Software Development

    Siemens - 4 månader

    • Developed a tool that combines LautherUI and SLCUI which are used to test Real Time PLC in assembly line created with C# and XAML.


    • Teknologier:
    • C# C#


  • BSc.Datorteknik

    Bogazici universitet · 2014 - 2018

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