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    Internal staff
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    Sweden, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, France, Ukraine, Armenia, Kosovo, Cyprus, Germany, Albania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Serbia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Czech, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Italy, Romania, Brazil, India, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland, Argentina, Estonia, Algeria, Mexico, UK, USA, and South Africa.
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Proxify supercharges companies with the world’s best vetted developers

Thanks to our state-of-the-art matching and vetting technologies, Proxify is the trusted choice for 1000+ businesses across 30 countries looking to find and hire developers. Today, we’re proud to be Europe's largest network of vetted developers with 4000+ members.

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  • Sara Almeida

    Sara Almeida PT

    Recruitment Lead

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is how creative everyone I work with is and how we always focus on the solution and not the problem. Besides, my favourite thing about my job is the non-stop constant search for improvements - everyone in the team is always looking to do better and learn more. It's fun and keeps everyone engaged.”

  • Eteri Terashvili

    Eteri Terashvili GE

    Senior Developer Support Manager

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is the collaborative spirit among co-workers, where we uplift and support each other to shine brightly. My favourite thing about my job is connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and helping them stand out through their unique self-branding and personality. Witnessing their joy and excitement when they secure new opportunities is incredibly fulfilling.”

  • Barış Gürbüzler

    Barış Gürbüzler TR

    Head of Talent Marketing

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is that although we use AI and automation to assist our team and network, there’s still the human touch at every stage. I’m playing a part in changing the idea of freelancing and remote working. It’s genuinely satisfying to see people being happy with the engagements they find at Proxify and hear how their lives are changing.”

  • Noelia Jiménez

    Noelia Jiménez ES

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is people. I love the fact that it's so easy to connect with co-workers because we all share the same “vibe”. We’re all passionate and genuinely enthusiastic. I’m meeting new people from different backgrounds and diverse parts of the world every single day. I love how much we embrace our culture and diversity.”

  • Cristiana Bontea

    Cristiana Bontea RO

    Developer Success Coach

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is the flexibility of working remotely and the culture we’re building. Everyone is so focused on quality, impact, speed and innovation. I feel like I’m growing together with the company. Being part of our member’s professional and personal growth is incredibly rewarding. There’s something special about witnessing how they overcome obstacles, get out of their comfort zone, and achieve incredible results that make us proud.”

  • Anastasia Novosolova

    Anastasia Novosolova UA

    Talent Acquisition Specialist

    “My favourite thing about Proxify is people. As usual, people are key everywhere. Proxify-ers are amazing. My favourite thing about my job is being fully remote and part of Proxify’s team while having the ability to work in an international environment daily.”

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Our values

We live and breathe these values, everyday. They guide us in everything we do.

  • Speed


    We seize opportunities, and embrace our mistakes as a key ingredient of innovation.

  • Impact


    We are driven to create positive change together, fuelled by an uncompromising dedication to our clients.

  • Quality


    We are always meticulous and dedicated to data. We celebrate excellence everyday.

  • Personal


    Empathy is our north star. We believe that anything is possible, with a little help from our friends.

Perks and benefits

Live your best life! Take a look at the benefits of working at Proxify.

  • Remote first

    At Proxify we focus on results. So we're happy for you to work remotely from a location of your choice, as long as it aligns with your team's timezone.

  • Competitive pay

    Your compensation level will depend on the seniority of your role and the market you’re based in. We review your compensation every year.

  • PTO (Paid time off)

    It's important to disconnect to give your best version at work. Vacation and bank holidays are according to your local holidays and regulations.

  • Meetups

    Being part of Proxify means meeting the full company every spring somewhere in Europe with team meet ups in between.

  • Birthday off

    We give you your birthday as a present. You’ll get this day off. We want you to spoil yourself, doing whatever you feel like doing.

  • Dedicated self-development time

    All Proxify staff are encouraged to block dedicated time for self-development every week. We know how important it is to get learning in as a part of your weekly routine.

  • Work equipment

    We provide you with the necessary office equipment. Need a break from your home office? Proxify can help you pay for a coworking space.

  • AI tools

    As a tech-driven company, we’ll provide you with access to AI tools so you can maximize your delivery.

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