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Aayush G.

Fullstack Developer

Aayush is a highly experienced Senior Backend developer with over six years of commercial experience.

He excels in designing, developing, testing, and maintaining robust, maintainable, and scalable backend services. Aayush is proficient in a wide range of technologies, including Ruby, RoR, Python, Flask, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS, and GIS.

He is adept at self-managing during independent projects and excels in collaborative team settings. Aayush is a dedicated team player, focused on achieving project objectives with speed and accuracy. As a successful team leader and complex problem-solver, he is skilled in reviewing, fixing, and improving code to maximize product performance and usability.

Main expertise
  • Ruby
    Ruby 6 years
  • Ruby on Rails
    Ruby on Rails 6 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 4 years
Other skills
  • PostgreSQL
    PostgreSQL 6 years
  • Vue.js
    Vue.js 3 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 2 years
Aayush G.


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Selected experience


  • Sr. Software Engineer

    Beatly AB - via Proxify - 1 year 9 months

    • Contributed as DevOps for the deployment of backend services and improved security by utilizing various AWS services.
    • Reinforced good documentation practices for both technical and non-technical topics.
    • Maintained a good communication channel with the team by sharing progress and issues to ensure better synchronization.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • AWS AWS
    • Python Python
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Nepal Engineering Team Lead

    Angelswing Inc., South Korea - 2 years 4 months

    • Continued contributing to backend roles and responsibilities.
    • Maintained good personal and professional relationships with direct reports through regular 1:1 meetings.
    • Participated in feature requirement analysis and planned feature development by delegating tasks and setting deadlines.
    • Set the team in the right direction with OKRs by understanding and relaying overall company goals.


    • Technologies:
    • Project management
    • Product Development
  • Principal Backend Engineer / DevOps

    Cryptonary, UK - 11 months

    • Contributed to the backend architecture design as the principal backend engineer.
    • Prepared requirement specifications for the API.
    • Developed the entire backend system from scratch using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.
    • Took the initiative to implement CI/CD with CircleCI and AWS ECS for efficient feature deployment.
    • Managed and maintained the entire backend resources, including a cluster of multiple services and microservices.
    • Improved efficiency and robustness in the data processing pipeline with automatic processing (S3 Event, API Gateway, Elastic Transcoder, CloudWatch, AWS Lambda).
    • Focused on good test coverage by taking the initiative to write unit tests.
    • Took on DevOps tasks for the entire application, including backend and frontend.
    • Reduced AWS costs by 40% through analysis and monitoring of resource usage.
    • Protected the backend system from attacks by implementing AWS WAF, which also reduced costs incurred by AWS ELB.
    • Deployed third-party services in AWS and integrated them with the core backend.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js Node.js
    • AWS AWS
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
    • AWS EC2 AWS EC2
    • AWS S3 AWS S3
    • Microservices
    • Elastic Stack Elastic Stack
  • Backend Engineer

    Angelswing Inc., South Korea - 5 years 9 months

    • Designed, developed, deployed, and maintained core backend services in Ruby on Rails.
    • Developed numerous microservices to support the core service of the company using NodeJS, ReactJS, Flask, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, etc.
    • Researched and developed core features for the service, including API development and writing Python scripts to process raw data (primarily related to GIS).
    • Assisted with DevOps tasks by managing and maintaining AWS resources used for the deployment of services.
    • Improved efficiency by automating manual tasks for engineers and other team members through automation scripts.


    • Technologies:
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js Node.js
    • AWS AWS
    • Python Python
    • Android Android
    • Flask Flask
    • AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
    • AWS EC2 AWS EC2


  • BSc.Computer Science and Information Technology

    Kathmandu BarnHardt College · 2013 - 2017

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