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Uncovering the world’s hidden talent, since 2018

We uncover, nurture and connect the right tech talent with growing companies, worldwide.


A passionate and people-first crew, uncovering the world’s hidden talent together


We believe in bringing people together, without borders

Our team dedicate their careers to celebrating ambition, helping businesses and tech talent achieve their dreams, together. Why? Because we believe every human deserves the right to success.

Proxify began with a simple mission...

To connect top developers around the world with opportunities they deserve

Building tech teams is a risky business, consuming huge amounts of time and resources. The hiring process can easily go wrong, spelling trouble for scaling companies. Viktor Jarnheimer, Proxify's co-founder and CEO observed this firsthand after selling his previous startup in Sweden.

“Max”, a wonderfully talented and experienced developer based in Eastern Europe, immediately had his contract terminated under the new management. He was replaced by two Swedish developers, who had no experience with the programming language. Worse still, they cost eight times more than Max did. Viktor couldn’t believe that Max’s expertise was sidelined in favour of expensive developers with no relevant experience, just because they were local.

Since 2018, we have evolved our vetting process, handpicking remote tech experts and matching them to opportunities that perfectly suit their skills.

We believe that top companies deserve access to the best talent, and the best talent deserves access to top companies. Period.

  • timeline May, 2018
    Proxify is born

    Proxify is founded, bringing together the 
world’s best remote developers and top companies.

  • timeline April, 2019
    Something special

    30 companies achieve their potential with help from 135 vetted Proxify developers.

  • timeline September, 2020
    Going global

    Proxify expands globally entering 10 new markets in Europe, with members in 30+ countries.

  • timeline November, 2021
    Leading innovation

    Our state-of-the-art vetting and matching processes cut average matching time in half.

  • timeline March, 2022
    Growing the team

    Proxify now has 150+ full-time internal team members, distributed globally.

  • timeline September 2022
    In demand

    Proxify developers work a total of 50,000 hours, almost 6 years of continuous vetted talent.

  • timeline January 2023
    DACH expansion

    100 active clients across Germany, Austria and Switzerland harness the power of Proxify developers.

  • timeline June 2023
    Scaling fast

    With 1000+ happy clients and 2000+ global, fully-remote members in our network, Proxify is set to transform remote hiring forever.

Our values

We live and breathe these values, everyday. They guide everything we do.

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    We seize opportunities, and embrace our mistakes as a key ingredient of innovation.

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    We are driven to create positive change together, fuelled by an uncompromising dedication to our clients.

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    We are always meticulous and dedicated to data. We celebrate excellence everyday.

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    Empathy is our north star. We believe that anything is possible, with a little help from our friends.

Proxify in numbers

  • 94%
    Success rate
  • 1000+
    Happy clients
  • 35
  • 3000+
    Talents in our network
  • 350k
    Hours worked via Proxify
  • 2000+
    Successful matches

Global talent, gone local