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The Proxify way

Exceptionally talented developers can be found anywhere, and everywhere. Yet many companies hire the old way, choosing location (and tradition) over talent. Why? Because they don’t know that the future of remote hiring is already here.

Hiring. Reimagined.

Times have changed. Great developers are harder to find. And they prefer to work remotely. The result? Costs and hiring times are increasing. Fast. Unfortunately, this is make-or-break for many companies. We're here to show you an easier way. All you have to do is trust that we'll deliver. And we will. Because the main challenge for growth in 2023 isn't technical know-how. It's finding the right talent. Fast.


Committed to your future.

We genuinely care about creating radical growth for our clients. Yet, facing a slowing global economy, increasing inflation, and geopolitical uncertainty, growth that delivers profits and shareholder value is more elusive than ever. We're painfully aware that great talent is a critical driver of this. Yet still, so many companies fear hiring remote developers. Why? We ask that question everyday. Mostly, it's a lack of awareness. We know that finding the best talent, fast is an advantage rewarded to those brave enough to try something new.


We believe that finding the right developer is a delicate and complex process.

We believe in flexibility to scale your team up and down. When you want.

We believe in a human touch.

We believe in a perfect match, for every engagement.

We believe in talent, without borders.

Why Proxify

  • Simplicity

    We make it simpler and easier for you to hire specialised experts, scale your team, and cut costs. Enjoy reduced overheads, shorter timelines, less admin, frictionless payments, quick onboarding, and no more compliance issues.

  • Exceptional talent

    We specialize in selecting and nurturing the best tech talent in the world. Every one of our 3750+ members has passed a rigorous vetting process, ensuring an exclusive network where only 2% of applicants are accepted. Once accepted, we nurture their growth, and celebrate their achievements. Through ongoing training, career support, and genuine trust, our goal is to create enduring, long-term professional relationships.

  • We speak your language

    Negative experiences with technical recruiters before? They didn't know the difference between Node.js and Django? Yes, we've been there too. We're intimately aware of the pain points of tech hiring, and that's why we're so good at understanding your specific needs. Upon joining Proxify, you gain access to an entourage of professionals, offering dedicated technical support, trustworthy advice, and tailored introductions, in your language.

  • With you every step of the way

    We offer so much more than finding the right talent. With dedicated onboarding and regular check-ins, we strive to ensure everything runs seamlessly for you. We're here to support you on your growth journey, start to finish.

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Powered by AI

Our proprietary AI technologies Eros and Gandalf help streamline and optimise talent screening and matching at Proxify, allowing us to rigorously vet thousands of developers every month. By forensically profiling developers with AI, we gain a deeper understanding of the value they can offer, discovering their niche specialisations and specific industry alignments too. This results in more finely tuned matches, and happier clients, as reflected in our 94% match success rate.

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We’re an award-winning company and deeply cherish our international relationships.
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