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Ahmed A.

Fullstack Developer

Ahmed is a seasoned IT Professional with over a decade of experience leading the development of various ERP and CRM products.

His career highlights include key roles in deployment, system administration, feature enhancement, and providing top-notch technical support to ensure the seamless functionality and reliability of these critical systems.

As a collaborative leader, Ahmed has effectively worked with multidisciplinary teams, including Chief Architects and fullstack developers, fostering innovative development environments.

His recent accomplishments include architecting a robust Cloud SaaS backend on Azure and integrating IoT technologies using IoT principles.

Main expertise
  • Entity Framework
    Entity Framework 10 years
  • Azure
    Azure 5 years
  • Solution Architecture 10 years
Other skills
  • SQL
    SQL 7 years
  • Agile
    Agile 3 years
  • Scrum
    Scrum 3 years
Ahmed A.


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Selected experience


  • Fullstack Developer

    CloudOne - 4 months

    • Serving as a Fullstack Developer, effectively contributing to both frontend and backend development tasks;
    • Leveraging their proficiency in PHP and Laravel to architect and develop robust and scalable server-side functionalities;
    • Utilizing MySQL to design and manage databases, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval;
    • Participating in the design and implementation of user interfaces, incorporating user-centric features and responsive design principles;
    • Conducting rigorous testing and debugging activities to identify and rectify issues, ensuring a smooth and error-free user experience;
    • Adhering to coding standards and best practices to maintain code quality, readability, and scalability.
  • Fullstack Developer

    EventDone - 7 months

    • Demonstrated expertise by contributing to frontend development tasks utilizing technologies such as React, Redux, and TypeScript;
    • Collaborated closely with the frontend team to create responsive and user-friendly interfaces that aligned with project requirements and design guidelines;
    • Played a pivotal role in backend development, employing C# and Entity Framework (EF) to architect and implement robust server-side functionalities;
    • Worked collaboratively with backend developers to ensure seamless integration between frontend and backend components, resulting in a cohesive and functional application.


    • Technologies:
    • Entity Framework Entity Framework
    • C# C#
    • Redux.js Redux.js
    • React.js React.js
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • SQL SQL
  • C# Solution Architect

    Crossover - 3 years 1 month

    • Taking the lead in the development of multiple ERP products, demonstrating expertise in creating solutions that catered to the intricate needs of diverse enterprises;
    • Undertaking crucial roles in deployment, system administration, feature enhancement, and providing technical support, ensuring the seamless functionality and reliability of the ERP products;
    • Taking ownership of key responsibilities including deployment management, system administration, feature expansion, and technical support for the CRM product, ensuring its continued functionality and addressing any user concerns.


    • Technologies:
    • Solution Architecture
    • SharePoint SharePoint
    • Java Java
    • MVC MVC
    • C# C#
    • SQL SQL


  • BSc.Production Mechanical Engineering

    HELWAN UNIVERSITY · 2004 - 2010


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