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Jorge A.

Frontend Developer

JavaScript developer with 3+ years of experience in TypeScript, Node.js, React.js, Java, and Unreal Engine.

Adrian is an ambitious Software engineer with over seven years of experience in the IT industry. He is skilled in JS-based technologies and enjoys working with TypeScript.

He understands best coding practices (SOLID, DRY, KISS) and SDLC and has a keen interest in game & web development.

He is always ready to encourage colleagues when facing difficulties – even without being an engagement leader, he supported and maintained the flow quite often to ensure the outcome's success. In addition to this, he has also managed large and small teams.

Main expertise
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 5 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 8 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 15 years
Other skills
  • React.js
    React.js 5 years
  • MongoDB
    MongoDB 4 years
  • Unreal Engine
    Unreal Engine 3 years
Jorge A.


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Selected experience


  • Lead developer

    Big Heads Studio - 4 years

    • At Big Heads Studio, his job was to program everything related to ruin rush! An unreleased game, using unreal engine 4 and any other tool required for the job, such as 3ds max maxscripts, custom importers, and exporters, among others.


    • Technologies:
    • Unreal Engine Unreal Engine
    • 3Ds Max 3Ds Max
  • Full-stack developer and team leader

    Qwebsy - 3 years

    • Supported many regional ad agencies in any kind of technological endeavour, most commonly web applications but also cellphone applications, flash animations, games, or any technological stack the engagement required.
  • Full-stack developer and technical artist

    Cortez Media Agency - 2 years

    • At Cortez media Agency a significant local ad agency, his job was to bring to life the work of creatives and designers on the web with pixel-perfect accuracy*.
  • Web developer / designer / software engineer

    Freelancer - 14 years

    • Over the years, he has always found extra jobs creating and designing websites, web applications, and desktop applications (mostly Java), especially after his tenure in Qwebsy. He developed an extensive work network in which he was always in collaboration with local ad agencies.


    • Technologies:
    • Java Java


  • BSc.Computer Science

    Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira · 2006 - 2010

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