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Marcus A.

Fullstack Developer

Marcus is a fullstack developer with over a decade of experience.

He has honed his proficiency in JavaScript over the past ten years and has developed substantial expertise in TypeScript and Vue.js for more than five years. Beyond his primary skill set, Marcus is experienced in working with microservices. He has spent significant periods at notable companies such as Spring Financial, BairesDev, and INdT. With his extensive experience and diverse skill set, Marcus is well-equipped to handle complex software engineering tasks.

Main expertise
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 10 years
  • SCSS
    SCSS 5 years
  • SvelteKit
    SvelteKit 1 years
Other skills
    Marcus A.


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    Selected experience


    • Frontend Developer

      Spring Financial - 1 year 10 months

      • Worked on websites and applications using Vue.js, Nuxt, Vuex, Tailwind CSS, and Jest.
      • Worked on backend development with Laravel, PHP, Unit, Lambda functions (Python and Node.js), DynamoDB, S3, EC2, ECR, and other AWS products.
      • Responsible for containerizing the Selenium project, making it real-time and scalable on AWS.


      • Technologies:
      • SCSS SCSS
      • Vue.js Vue.js
      • Node.js Node.js
      • AWS AWS
      • PHP PHP
      • Laravel Laravel
      • Nuxt.js Nuxt.js
    • Node.js Engineer

      BairesDev - 5 months

      • Worked on an educational platform for Newsela using Node.js, React, GraphQL, DGraph, and AWS, and conducted unit tests on both the frontend and backend with Jest.
      • Presented new features developed by the team to other teams.


      • Technologies:
      • JavaScript JavaScript
      • SCSS SCSS
      • Node.js Node.js
      • React.js React.js
      • AWS AWS
      • GraphQL GraphQL
    • Software Engineer

      Interlink - 5 months

      • Worked on software that provides reliable, constant metrics for Internet Service Providers with React, Node, Express, MongoDB, Golang, and AWS.


      • Technologies:
      • Node.js Node.js
      • React.js React.js
      • MongoDB MongoDB
      • AWS AWS
      • Express.js Express.js
    • Developer II

      INdT - 1 year 9 months

      • Developed a project in partnership with a startup to monitor bus security cameras using React, Redux, Node.js, and MongoDB.
      • Developed a system to manage MACs and Serial Numbers of routers for Tellescom, utilizing Node.js, Java, Spring, JHipster, Angular, SQL Server, Docker, and CI/CD with GitLab.
      • Created a mini project with React and Express.js to retrieve company production data from an SQL Server database and export it in CSV format.
      • Developed a project with Express.js, Angular, and Python using Industry 4.0 architecture for TPV.
      • Assisted the company in the process of hiring new interns.


      • Technologies:
      • SCSS SCSS
      • Node.js Node.js
      • Angular Angular
      • React.js React.js
      • MongoDB MongoDB


    • Standalone courseProject and development of digital games

      Cruzeiro do sul virtual · 2020 - 2021

    • BSc.Computer Science

      FUCAPI · 2012 - 2016


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