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  • Dilara Esen

    Dilara Esen

    Head of talent acquisition

  • Noelia Jiménez

    Noelia Jiménez

    Talent acquisition specialist

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Our hiring process

This is our default hiring process, but bear in mind that it can be different for every role. You'll be informed about how yours will look in the first introduction call.

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  • Screening call

    Screening call

    We gather information about your professional background and assess whether your values align with ours. We will present what's expected from you and how the working culture is.

  • Meet the hiring manager

    Meet the hiring manager

    You will meet your future manager and gain a more in-depth understanding of the specific role and responsibilities. We will assess the role fit and set up the right expectations. Our aim is to ensure that you thrive in your new role.

  • Case assignment/interview

    Case assignment/interview

    You will prepare an assignment that demonstrates your skills and, following the assignment, the team will ask some follow-up questions.

  • Meet your future colleagues

    Meet your future colleagues

    Take the opportunity to meet your future colleagues and ask them questions to get a better idea of the team's dynamic.

  • Reference check

    Reference check

    We add the perspective of your ex-colleagues or leaders to dig deeper into your skills and qualifications.

  • Offer stage

    Offer stage

    Congratulations, you received an offer from us! Now it is time to settle all details. When that is done you will be contacted by our HRBP, and start your onboarding process. Welcome to the team!

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