The perfect remote developers for your hiring needs

If you are a software development company, SaaS business, or even a company that isn’t generally focused on software but needs developers for a particular engagement, chances are you’ve considered hiring tech experts to create a development team quickly.

But, many questions revolve around finding the right people for the job and conditions that might make it hard to tick all the boxes right away. Is it better to hire in-house developers in a traditional position instead? Will you be able to track the working hours of freelancers? How to staff for a short-term engagement? How to find someone with many years of experience?

These are only some of the issues that might arise when forming a distributed team, and the more specific your needs are, the harder it will be to find the right freelancer.

But we’re here to help, and in this article, we’ll let you know how our developers can be a better solution for you and why.

10 reasons why Proxify developers are better than other freelancers

1. They are vetted and approved by recruitment specialists

Proxify’s developers have passed multiple screening stages , technical interviewing, coding tests, and direct work with recruitment specialists. In contrast, trying to find a good developer by yourself on some job platform means that you will have to rely on reviews from past clients and the volume of gigs done before.

Instead of jumping into the unknown and hoping the freelancer knows what they’re doing, you can work with people that have impressed the professional recruiters and technical interviewers with their technical skills, soft skills, and even more importantly—people skills!

2. They speak great English

We are blessed to live and work in a connected world – and to hire talented developers from every part of the globe. But the ability to hire globally can sometimes be a double-edged sword because miscommunication can happen more frequently.

On freelancing platforms, there are people from all over the world, and although there are some internal language tests one needs to pass to be able to work on the platform, they don’t need to talk to an actual person before joining.

Unlike those, at Proxify we spend a lot of time talking to our potential developers on a 1-on-1 session, hence checking how skilled they are in English. With our tech experts, you have a guarantee that communication gaps because of bad English won’t be a problem.

3. They are the best out of thousands candidates a month

We will be immodest and say that these days, we can afford to cherry-pick the best of the best on their job search. We have thousands of candidates applying to join the Proxify network every month, and we only pick the top best that really excel in development.

4. They don’t juggle multiple clients

How to make sure that your full-time developers contracted via a hiring platform, don’t in fact work for multiple clients at the same time?

Hustle culture and the inability of project managers and CTOs to actually work with their developers under the same roof make it possible for some freelancers to juggle multiple clients at a time. And even though they are allowed to if they are working a gig, it might affect their productivity and quality of work.

But, Proxify’s developers mostly work with one client full-time, and although we allow part-time hiring, we make sure that our members have as many clients as they can handle while delivering timely, excellent quality work.

5. They have a community to lean on

When your network has more than a thousand of your peers, all working in varied technologies and specializing in multiple languages and frameworks, it would be foolish not to use this as an advantage.

Proxify members have a community that they can lean on in specific situations, and speed up their career progression by learning from colleagues and giving their five cents back.

6. Ready to start working in days

If after you have your jobs posted you don’t see any result in hiring for weeks, perhaps you should rethink your strategy. Or, try and let our client managers find you a suitable developer for your offered role in a couple of days. They are the people who know the ins and outs of work engagements, as well as the list of skills and capabilities of all our members, so they could easily make the right match quickly.

7. Always motivated to pitch in with ideas, not just to execute tasks

It is a very rational fear that an employee who might not be hired for the long term, doesn’t really want to pitch in ideas and participate in strategic and business decisions. This is one of the risks of hiring freelancers – the gig economy made us work, well, gigs.

But plenty of clients at Proxify manage to include their freelance developers in not only the day-to-day operations, but also in strategic thinking and long-term planning since they stay for a long time.

8. They will be matched for your culture, not just your tech stack

We realize that it is very important for an employer and employee to have a good rapport, so make sure we don’t just hire for the work engagement, but also for the team culture.

Our acquisition specialists, before everything else, check if a potential candidate has the right attributes to make a beloved colleague – professionalism, timeliness, modesty, presentability, self-initiative and a healthy dose of self-criticism are only some of the traits we value in developers. So, our specialists make sure to match the right tech expert to the suitable culture too.

9. They have a competitive compensation

Our members don’t charge for short-term projects, as many developers on some freelancing platforms out there do. Instead of an hourly rate, we have a fair system of charging clients a fair rate, in which we consider the level of experience, tech stack, availability of skills in a given technology, and the location of the developer. When all of these factors are weighed in, in the long term, the rates of our tech experts are a lot more affordable than many of our competitors.

10. You can work with them risk-free

The last, but not the least important trait of Proxify members, is that by hiring them, you work risk-free. What does this mean? Well, if you don’t click because of any given reason, but you still like the service and other aspects of working with Proxify, you don’t have to pay and we’ll match you with another developer at no additional cost.

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