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Mehmet O.

Data Engineer

Data engineer who is highly enthusiastic about making a contribution to Big Data, Data streaming, Data science, and Data-driven projects.

Mehmet is a Data engineer and software developer with 5+ years of hands-on experience, who is passionate about programming and is eager to expand his skills and explore new technologies.

He has been working on learning from noisy and sparse data for biomedical inverse problems, and as a Data Engineering Team Leader in a startup lately. He is, therefore, vastly experienced in both the theoretical part of machine learning engineering and its practical applications of it at scale.

Some achievements outside of Mehmets professional experience include:

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, Istanbul, Turkey, 1st Place
  • Siemens Hackathon Industry 4.0, 3rd place
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, People’s Choice Award.
Main expertise
  • Python
    Python 7 years
  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark 5 years
Other skills
  • Flask
    Flask 5 years
  • SQL
    SQL 5 years
  • Docker
    Docker 5 years
Mehmet O.


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Selected experience


  • Data / DevOps Engineering Team Leader

    muTech GmbH - 3 years 2 months

    • Setting up CI/CD systems for the company.
    • Setting up kubernetes based deployment.
    • Setting up big data and stream processing pipelines.
    • Development of deep learning based alarm systems.


    • Technologies:
    • Python Python
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Back End Developer / DevOps

    wiCow - 3 years 8 months

    • This project is an end to end system which is developed to monitor the health conditions of the cows in dairy farms.
    • From the beginning of the project one of the big part of the backend system is developed from scratch which consists of:
    • management of IoT devices.
    • database architecture design.
    • real-time data ingestion and processing pipeline design.
    • deep learning supported autonomous alarm services.

    Data Engineering:

    • Kafka and GoLang to create realtime alerts from big stream data.
    • Spark, Pandas and Numpy to make analysis on long-term data.
    • PyTorch to create deep learning models for more accurate systems.
    • Parquet, Avro and S3 to store analytics data and Influxdb to store time series data.
    • Working with three different part of the project: Backend, DevOps, and Data Engineering.
    • Used MQTT and Mosquitto broker to collect telemetry and interact with the IoT devices.

    Backend Engineering:

    • Celery (with RabbitMQ) to create scalable and reliable job queues.
    • MQTT and Mosquitto broker to collect telemetry and interact with the IoT devices.


    • Git and version control.
    • Docker, Dockercompose and Gitlab to create CI/CD pipelines.
    • Digital Ocean and GCP platform to deploy our cloud applications.
    • Kubernetes and Helm Charts to manage and scale our applications and network in thecloud.


    • Technologies:
    • NumPy NumPy
    • Pandas Pandas
    • Flask Flask
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • Apache Kafka Apache Kafka
    • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
    • Golang Golang
    • PyTorch
    • Docker Docker
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Software Design Engineer

    BasesTech - 1 year 10 months

    • Development of the backend of IoT product.
    • Setting up version management systems for the company.
  • Software Team Leader

    Project - 1 year 9 months

    • Mehmet was a part of the team about unmanned air vehicles - ITUNOM - at Istanbul Technical University.
    • This team participated in AUVSI Student Unmanned Air Systems Competition 2015 and 2016.
    • In 2016, ITUNOM was 13th in total and 1st between multi-copter participants.
    • Worked on image processing OpenCV, networking, flight control systems.


  • MSc.Biomedical Engineering

    Istanbul Technical University · 2018 - 2021

  • BSc.Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Istanbul Technical University · 2012 - 2017

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