Mehmet Ozan Ü.

Data Engineer

Mehmet is a Data Engineer and Software Developer with a 5-year hands-on experience, who is passionate about programming and is eager to expand his skills and explore new technologies.

Ozan is highly enthusiastic about making a contribution to the Big data, Data streaming, Data science and Data-driven projects.

He has been working on learning from noisy and sparse data for biomedical inverse problems, and as a Data Engineering Team Leader in a startup lately.
He is, therefore, vastly experienced in both theoretical part of the machine learning engineering, and practical applications of it at scale.

By virtue of his experience as a Team Leader, he will make a valuable part of the team, assuring the team members are motivated, and ensuring an impressive result.

Some achievements outside of Mehmets professional experience include:

  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, Istanbul, Turkey, 1st Place
  • Siemens Hackathon Industry 4.0, 3rd place
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, People’s Choice Award.

Main expertise

  • Python Python 5 years
  • Golang Golang 2 years

Other skills

  • Flask Flask 3 years
  • SQL SQL 3 years
  • Docker Docker 3 years

Mehmet Ozan Ü.

32.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Data / DevOps Engineering Team Leader

    muTech GmbH - 3 years 2 months

    • Setting up CI/CD systems for the company.
    • Setting up kubernetes based deployment.
    • Setting up big data and stream processing pipelines.
    • Development of deep learning based alarm systems.


    • Technologies:
    • Python Python
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Back End Developer / DevOps

    wiCow - 3 years 8 months

    • This project is an end to end system which is developed to monitor the health conditions of the cows in dairy farms.
    • From the beginning of the project one of the big part of the backend system is developed from scratch which consists of:
    • management of IoT devices.
    • database architecture design.
    • real-time data ingestion and processing pipeline design.
    • deep learning supported autonomous alarm services.

    Data Engineering:

    • Kafka and GoLang to create realtime alerts from big stream data.
    • Spark, Pandas and Numpy to make analysis on long-term data.
    • PyTorch to create deep learning models for more accurate systems.
    • Parquet, Avro and S3 to store analytics data and Influxdb to store time series data.
    • Working with three different part of the project: Backend, DevOps, and Data Engineering.
    • Used MQTT and Mosquitto broker to collect telemetry and interact with the IoT devices.

    Backend Engineering:

    • Celery (with RabbitMQ) to create scalable and reliable job queues.
    • MQTT and Mosquitto broker to collect telemetry and interact with the IoT devices.


    • Git and version control.
    • Docker, Dockercompose and Gitlab to create CI/CD pipelines.
    • Digital Ocean and GCP platform to deploy our cloud applications.
    • Kubernetes and Helm Charts to manage and scale our applications and network in thecloud.


    • Technologies:
    • NumPy NumPy
    • Pandas Pandas
    • Flask Flask
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • Apache Kafka Apache Kafka
    • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
    • Golang Golang
    • PyTorch PyTorch
    • Docker Docker
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
  • Software Design Engineer

    BasesTech - 1 year 10 months

    • Development of the backend of IoT product.
    • Setting up version management systems for the company.
  • Software Team Leader

    Project - 1 year 9 months

    • Mehmet was a part of the team about unmanned air vehicles - ITUNOM - at Istanbul Technical University.
    • This team participated in AUVSI Student Unmanned Air Systems
      Competition 2015 and 2016.
    • In 2016, ITUNOM was 13th in total and 1st between multi-copter participants.
    • Worked on image processing OpenCV, networking, flight control systems.


  • MSc.Biomedical Engineering

    Istanbul Technical University · 2018 - 2021

  • BSc.Electronics and Communication Engineering

    Istanbul Technical University · 2012 - 2017

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