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Peter H.

Fullstack Developer

Peter is a passionate software engineer who programs in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart. He learns incredibly fast and is interested in learning new technologies.

Peter is passionate about software development and has been successful through hard work. He goes into great detail and has an excellent work ethic. His experience includes:

  • Developing a complete e-commerce application for event organization and e-commerce with products listed for two days.
  • Planning and developing RestAPI's using Node js and Express many times and Java Spring Boot.
  • Building databases and table structures for MVC software architecture for web applications.
  • Making front-end components with React, Html, CSS, JS, and Flutter for mobile development.
  • Crawling code
  • Implementing software for various cloud infrastructures.
  • Creating and managing virtual machines with Linux using VMWare, Docker, and Cloud.
Main expertise
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 5 years
Other skills
  • Java
    Java 4 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 4 years
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 4 years
Peter H.
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