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Vince Vissers, Co-founder at Firsty

In today's world, staying connected is crucial, and mobile data is essential for both users and travelers. Recognizing this, Firsty aimed to create a seamless experience for users, and they knew they needed the right expertise to make it happen.

About Firsty

Driven by a passion for solving real-world problems, Vince and his team set out to revolutionize the telecom landscape with Firsty.

In Vince's words, the company was born from the frustration they saw in the markets – travellers always having issues with their mobile data when on the road.

Vince recalls the frustration of landing in a new destination only to grapple with exorbitant roaming fees, the hassle of purchasing local SIM cards, or the uncertainty of relying on public Wi-Fi networks. Evidently, there was a gap in the market – a lack of user-centric solutions that prioritize simplicity and accessibility. Vince and his team envisioned a solution that would democratize mobile data, making it accessible to all, regardless of geographical boundaries. At its core, Firsty aims to make mobile data universally accessible by offering two distinct products tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers.

"We wanted to provide a product that is as easy as possible for everybody to use."

The first, aptly named "Firsty Free," provides users with essential connectivity for tasks such as messaging, emailing, and navigation, all at no cost.

For those seeking faster speeds and more robust data capabilities, "Firsty Fast" offers a convenient pay-as-you-go solution, allowing users to customize their data usage based on their specific requirements.

The challenge

Firsty's vision of revolutionizing mobile data required rapid development and deployment of its application, a challenge that led Firsty to seek Proxify's expertise. The company also needed additional talent to fuel its development initiatives.

Firsty often found themselves in a situation where they required new roles to support the development of additional products or to expedite their progress. However, the traditional hiring process is time-consuming and not conducive to their fast-paced environment.

The solution

After thoroughly analyzing various options to bolster its development resources, Firsty decided to collaborate with Proxify.

"We decided to work with Proxify after analyzing different companies that could help us find more development resources. Our analysis discovered that Proxify had the best development resources, and [they] could help us the best."

Proxify proved to be a valuable partner for Firsty in this regard. Within a matter of days, Proxify quickly provided Firsty with developers. This rapid response time has been crucial for Firsty, allowing them to immediately address their staffing requirements and keep their development projects on schedule. Vince says that what makes the relationship between Proxify and Firsty so special is that Proxify understands their needs and knows firsthand that they need a developer to fit into their company culture.

"Proxify was able to add additional expertise to our team within days rather than months because they knew exactly what we needed and where to find it."

He added,

"The biggest benefit of working with Proxify is that they know exactly what you need regarding the team members you're looking for. They are swift and approachable, and you can be assured they have the right in-house expertise. They're not just pushing a developer on your team just to make a profit. They're really making sure that it's a developer who fits and has the expertise to help you."

The results

Firsty results

"Proxify enabled us with peace of mind. We're always looking for the best developers; preferably, we hire them from within our own group of experts. But Proxify helps to fill in the gaps in development on short notice."

Additionally, according to Vince, Proxify stands out in its expertise. He says the developers provided by Proxify are highly experienced senior professionals. This reassurance of having skilled experts working on their engagements further solidifies their confidence in the partnership with Proxify.

The partnership has accelerated Firsty's growth trajectory and fostered a sense of camaraderie and shared success.

The way forward

Overall, the collaboration between Firsty and Proxify has proven to be a winning combination. Proxify's ability to quickly provide developers with the right expertise has allowed Firsty to overcome its hiring challenges and continue its rapid growth and innovation within the industry.

Looking ahead, Vissers is optimistic about Firsty's future prospects and its partnership with Proxify.

"What I'm most excited about about growing our business further with Proxify is that I'm always certain that we won't have a lack of resources available."

As Firsty continues to disrupt the telecom industry with its innovative solutions, the partnership with Proxify stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change.

Vissers extends a compelling invitation to those considering partnering with Proxify.

"I've already recommended it to some other startups looking for additional development help. I would mainly recommend it to companies that want to grow rapidly because it helps to give you some assurance and prevents you from slowing down because you didn't find the right people at the right time."

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