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The importance of Vue.js developers in businesses today

In today's fast-paced business world, having a strong online presence is critical. This is where Vue.js comes in as a powerful tool for building scalable and efficient user interfaces.

Vue.js is a frontend JavaScript framework that is lightweight, easy to learn, and offers a range of features and benefits for businesses. It provides a way for you to build applications that are easy to maintain and upgrade.

We spoke to Andrei Iordache, CEO and co-founder of UPDIVISION, on why Vue.js is such a popular choice for companies today.

When faced with choosing a JS framework, I think many companies go with Vue because it's easy to onboard people on Vue projects. Consequently, many vacancies have opened up, and Vue developers are in increasingly high demand. Vue.js fills a niche that other, older frameworks failed to cover fully: it's lightweight without being superficial, it gives you structure without too much overhead, and it allows you to become productive fast.”

Why is Vue.js a good choice for senior developers?

Vue.js presents itself as a progressive framework, meaning it's easy to learn the basics but can be scaled up to support complex applications. Because of this, it's especially attractive to senior-level developers who are looking for a new way to tackle their frontend development projects and want to take advantage of modern tools and methodologies.

It can also help senior web developers leverage their existing skillset while teaching them how to think in a more component-based way that can serve as preparation for any number of other contemporary libraries and frameworks, such as React and Angular 2+.

Senior developers can use Vue.js to build single-page applications (SPAs) that are easy to integrate with other projects and frameworks. With its minimalistic approach, Vue is great for smaller projects that need to be deployed quickly but still look modern and functional.

The benefits of using Vue.js

Vue.js has several benefits for developers, but especially businesses:

  • It's easy to use.

  • It's fast and reliable.

  • It’s a progressive framework, allowing for incremental adoption and flexibility in using it alongside other libraries or frameworks, such as React or Angular.

  • It offers a simple way to build web apps that look great on mobile devices and in the browser, as well as on any device using different browsers or operating systems.

  • Its documentation is robust and clear, which ensures developers can rely on it for reference and effective learning.

  • It offers a comprehensive set of plugins and components that can be used within your app to enhance functionality or add new features.

  • Vue uses web components, which means that it works well with other frameworks, such as, Angular or React.

Barbara Jozefowska, a Fullstack engineer, mentioned some of the benefits a company gets when hiring a Vue.js developer.

By hiring a Vue.js developer, your company can leverage their skills and expertise to build high-quality apps that provide a better user experience, are easier to maintain, and perform well. Additionally, Vue.js developers can help to improve productivity and teach others the best practices around the library, leveling your entire team up in the process.”

Overall, hiring a proficient Vue.js developer can be a worthwhile investment if you are looking to build modern and efficient web applications.

Andrei mentioned briefly how his business has benefited from hiring Vue.js developers.

Hiring and working with dedicated Vue.js developers means leveraging the expertise of someone who is familiar with all the nooks and crannies of this framework. In return, this allows us to provide our clients with the best Vue development and solid technical advice.”

Things CTOs should know

Being a senior Vue.js developer is a big responsibility, and with great power comes great knowledge. As a senior Vue.js developer, they will run into situations where other programmers rely on them to know the best ways to solve problems with a framework.

When hiring a developer, it is important to understand how they can solve real-life problems. The best way to get a grasp of a developer's abilities is to test them on the job.

  • Look beyond their resumé. It is important to test their skills in real time instead. One of the best ways to do this is by asking them challenging questions about the functionality of the framework and programming language. For example, ask them about the component lifecycle, whether they know the difference between native and custom events, and how they are handled. This can be done by asking them to explain it to you in written form or by having them code out examples on screen as you watch.

  • You can test their understanding of Vue.js by asking them more personal questions, such as: "If you had to create a new task using Vue.js, what would be your step-by-step process?" Answering these difficult questions and getting feedback from other members of your team will help you determine how well they understand the technical concepts behind Vue.js.

Read our guide on hiring the best Vue.js developers for more tips and interview questions you can ask the potential candidate.

Things a senior Vue.js developer should know

Barbara lists some of the important things a senior Vue developer should know.

  1. Most of all, it is essential for a senior Vue developer to have a deep understanding of the framework and its ecosystem itself. This includes proficiency in Vue’s core concepts, such as components, directives, and lifecycle hooks, as well as familiarity with Vue’s official libraries and third-party plugins and keeping up to speed with changes and proposals shaping the present and future of the library.”

  2. A senior Vue engineer should be knowledgeable about the best practices and widely-accepted standards applied in world-class Vue applications. Barbara says,

This means understanding how to structure and organize Vue components, how to manage state in an application – both global and local – as well as being aware of the common pitfalls that come up when building an app in Vue.”

  1. It is also important for a senior Vue.js developer to be experienced in writing automated tests for Vue.js applications to ensure code quality, prevent regressions and facilitate maintainability. This can be particularly helpful when working on complex codebases, making it easier for developers to understand the code and make changes without introducing unintended side effects.

  2. Being a developer that knows a library like Vue does not exempt you from understanding the ins and outs of the platform you are developing for. Because Vue.js is primarily designed for the Web (and is used as such), it is invaluable for your typical senior Vue.js developer to have knowledge of Web APIs, semantic HTML tags, and vanilla JavaScript features.

  3. While technical skills and experience are an essential part of being a senior developer, they must have good communication and collaboration skills too. Most work happens in teams, and the experience and knowledge of a senior engineer are vital for the success of a Vue.js team. Hence the ability to share knowledge with less experienced devs, as well as to convey technical concepts to non-technical team members, is something worth exercising as an aspiring senior Vue developer.

How does all this help the organization’s senior Vue.js developers work?

For one, having a great deal of experience under their belt, senior developers can contribute to speeding up the development process and improving collaboration in your team by identifying and addressing bottlenecks in your application. Such a developer can set standards for others and ensure a sound, maintainable design of your Vue.js application, thus boosting its user experience and performance.

Why businesses should employ Vue.js developers:

Vue.js offers a range of features and benefits for businesses. Employing these developers can help your business take advantage of the framework's capabilities and build scalable and efficient user interfaces. By leveraging the expertise of Vue.js developers, your business can accelerate its development timelines, save on costs, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for your customers. Here are a few more things they bring to the table:

  • Expertise in the framework: Vue.js developers have extensive knowledge and experience working with the framework. They understand the best practices and standards for developing applications using Vue.js and can help businesses build scalable and efficient user interfaces.

  • Faster development time: Employing Vue.js developers can help businesses reduce the development time required to build applications. Since developers are familiar with the framework and its features, they can quickly develop user interfaces that meet business requirements.

  • Cost-effective: They are affordable when you outsource them with Proxify. This means your business can save on development costs while receiving high-quality services.

  • Collaborative approach: Vue developers are highly collaborative and work closely with businesses to understand their requirements and deliver solutions that meet their needs. This ensures that businesses receive the best possible outcome for their investment.

Despite how beneficial Vue is to developers and clients, what does the future of Vue.js look like? Will it continue to be a popular language? Andrei thinks so.

Vue.js is here to stay and will probably continue growing in popularity, both on its own and coupled with Laravel. Vue also has the advantage of learning from the past mistakes of other frameworks.”

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