Amin Yousefi A.

Fullstack Developer

Amin is an experienced software engineer with a strong background in developing fullstack web applications.

He is a highly skilled software engineer with a wealth of experience spanning six years, during which he has successfully worked on diverse projects and utilized various tech stacks across multiple industries.

His expertise particularly shines in the MERN stack, where he has developed three large-scale applications, showcasing his deep knowledge and proficiency in this technology. Amin possesses an in-depth understanding of the entire web development life cycle, adeptly maneuvering through tasks from designing the initial architecture to deploying the final product.

Having served as a lead software engineer for a significant ISP company for four years, he has honed his abilities as a team player. He excels in managing development engagements and collaborating seamlessly with cross-functional teams.

Main expertise

  • Docker
    Docker 3 years
  • Express.js
    Express.js 4 years
  • HTML / CSS 5 years

Other skills

  • Linux
    Linux 5 years
    NGINX 2 years
  • PostgreSQL
    PostgreSQL 2 years
Amin Yousefi Adl

Amin Yousefi A.


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Selected experience


  • Freelance Web Developer

    Freelance - 3 years 6 months

    • Setting the road map and tech stack to create the most efficient architecture depending on the client’s requirements while working as the lead Front-end Developer;

    • Increasing performance and reducing the bundle size by applying memorisation technics, lazy-loading large components, image compression, and implementing reusable components;

    • Improving SEO by implementing fully responsive and browser-compatible applications using SASS, Grid system, Flexbox, and media queries;

    • Boosting productivity and reducing development time by actively joining scrum sessions and employing agile development technics;

    • Constantly increasing maintainability and scalability by continuously investigating potholes and technical debts during the development phase;

    • Reducing unexpected future bugs by using TDD methodologies upon code conversion;

    • Improving application performance and speed with React trending technologies such as React hooks, Redux, caching, and more;

    • Reducing LCP and FID of websites by exploring and locating significant API calls and splitting the logic into separate meaningful and effective backend routes.


    • Technologies:
    • MongoDB MongoDB
    • Nest.js Nest.js
    • Next.js Next.js
    • React.js React.js
    • Redux.js Redux.js
    • TypeScript TypeScript
  • Software Engineering Technician / Full Stack Engineer

    Asiatech Co - 5 years 8 months

    • Automated the customer relationship management system by Creating a Full- Stack application from scratch using MERN stack and deploying them on a custom Linux server;

    • Reduced the customer response time by up to 70% via developing a logging system per incident;

    • Improved the application efficiency and optimisation by converting the legacy code into Typescript;

    • Reduced downtime period to less than 1% by decoupling the applications into separate containers with a focus on scalability using Docker and Docker-compose;

    • Increased the sales rate by Automating the sales system via developing three separate customers, agents, and sales applications using the Next.js framework and connecting them to the CRM app
      Increased user interaction by up to 400% by developing an Android application for employees and agents using react-native.


    • Technologies:
    • Docker Docker
    • Linux Linux
    • Next.js Next.js
    • TypeScript TypeScript


  • BSc.Computer Hardware Engineering

    University of Tabriz · 2011 - 2015

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