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Fernando E.

Data Engineer

Fernando is a technically minded professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in project governance, business development, and data analysis within highly reputed industries.

He has more than six years of commercial background, including experience with Python, AWS, GCP, Shell, Bash, SQL, data orchestration (Kafka, Airflow, Spark), ETL, ELT, ML (Pandas, NumPy) for transformation and predictive analysis. Apart from that, he possesses knowledge of NoSQL and has already worked in telecommunication and e2e data processes.

Furthermore, he has a proven ability to lead and train multi-functional teams and establish and maintain robust working relations with clients for reliable service delivery.

Main expertise
  • Data Engineering 5 years
  • Data Analytics 5 years
  • SQL
    SQL 10 years
Other skills
  • Apache Kafka
    Apache Kafka 3 years
Fernando E.


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Selected experience


  • Data Lead

    Preo - 8 months

    • Performed as an active leader in dealing with data operations of the company, from structure management to new tools designs for incoming and outgoing data flows.
    • Implemented all the data pipelines from the different data sources to a central Data Warehouse and automated reporting from there.
    • Implemented Google’s Vision API to read users’ receipts, automatically increasing customer engagement.
    • Introduced a feature to facilitate a billing system that enhanced collection. It provides day-to-day statistics of the generated revenue and quality of supplier partnerships.
  • Data Lead

    Loka Inc - 6 years 5 months

    • Derive and implement effective business solutions while collaborating with executives.
    • Provide excellent data management and insightful recommendations, from collection to analysis.
    • Review and forward data-supported decisions to sales and marketing departments.
    • Designed and established dashboards to answer critical business questions and facilitate users.
  • Senior Data Analyst

    Cable & Wireless Communications - 8 months

    • Conducted BI analysis and support for 17 different markets where Cable & Wireless offers mobile and fixed (home) telco services for Businesses and Consumers.
    • Provided solutions for the other areas that require data support, understanding needs, and building deliverables accordingly.
    • Automate end-of-month reports unifying Excel, Redshift, and Business Objects into a single report that improves end-of-month reporting by as much as 8 hours for some reports.


  • Standalone courseBig Data Specialisation

    University of California San Diego · 2016 - 2017

  • BSc.Computer & System Engineering

    Universidad del Norte · 2003 - 2008

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