Rahul L.

Senior mjukvaruutvecklare

En resultatdriven Python-utvecklare med 8 års erfarenhet.

Rahul brinner verkligen för att lära sig och utforska nya och kommande tekniska trender. Arbetar helst med Golang-baserade och 3D / Python-projekt, blockchain, kryptovaluta och DevOps.

He is genuinely passionate about learning and exploring new and upcoming technology trends and finding ways to update the current working environment regularly.

Having gained considerable experience in various spheres and with different technologies, he is eager to work on Golang-based and 3D/Python engagements.

He will gladly contribute to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DevOps, and pure development engagements.

Huvudsaklig expertis

  • Python Python 9 år
  • Django Django 9 år
  • Flask Flask 9 år

Andra kompetenser

  • AWS AWS 5 år
  • MySQL MySQL 5 år
  • JavaScript JavaScript 4 år

Rahul L.

395 kr per timme


Anlita Rahul L.

Utvald erfarenhet


  • Software Engineer

    Deskmonte Technologies - 2 år

    • Golang based CLI and REST API Wrapper.
    • This is a Golang based command line interface built in Golang and is used to wrap around the REST api’s already provided by the main backend system.
    • Used GoPkg for packaging and handling configs.
    • Extensively used .toml format and JSON
    • Created wrappers and helper APIs using gopkg.in/urfave/cli.v1 framework used for creating CLIs
    • Testing code based on the builtin “testing” framework.


    • Teknologier:
    • Golang
  • Full Stack Developer

    Remodelmate,Inc - 1 år 3 månader

    • Focused on construction domain and on-demand services.
    • Took care of both backend and frontend, reporting directly to the Head of Engineering.
    • Used a completely non-monolithic architectural design with different repos for backend and frontend, JSON being the common mode of communication between the 2 components.
    • Using Google APIs for maps integration.


    • Teknologier:
    • Python Python
    • Django Django
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • Ember.js Ember.js
    • Heroku Heroku
  • Python/Django Developer

    SearchStax Inc - 1 år 5 månader

    • Apache Solr-as-a-Service over AWS/Azure/GCP. The project includes offering Apache solr on all 3 major cloud platforms.
    • Creating REST APIs for end-user dashboard development.
    • Working on Infrastructure side for making sure the service remains intact.
    • Developing APIs to interact with monitoring and logging capabilities of the product.
    • Integrating Zendesk APIs for user-ticketing system and grievance management.
    • Interacting with the team, carrying out daily AGILE/Scrum standups and informing the management in US up-to-date with the latest development.
    • Taking care of the complete payment integration with PayPal’s Braintree APIs.
    • The main application uses AWS RDS, while the analytics app uses MongoDB 3.4 NoSQL database.


    • Teknologier:
    • AWS AWS
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Ansible Ansible
    • Azure Azure
    • Zabbix Zabbix
    • DataDog DataDog
    • MySQL MySQL
    • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Software Developer

    Xebia Inc - 1 år 5 månader

    • Workflow Automation
    • The aim was to create an in-house tool which their factory can
      use to track the normal lifecycle of a product.
    • Working on Southpaw’s TACTIC open source tool to create a workflow
      management system.
    • Heavy usage of XML based Graphs and TACTIC’s Python APIs to come up with the backend design.
    • Collaborating with a frontend developer in tandem
    • Daily reporting to the Product Manager.


    • Teknologier:
    • Python Python
    • MySQL MySQL
  • Backend Developer

    Tradeboox, Delhi - 8 månader

    • The aim was to create a full-fledged B2B e-commerce application.
    • Working as a backend developer writing REST APIs, setting up the UI for the app.
    • Payment was taken care up with the help of Paypal’s Braintree system and also using local wallets like Paytm
    • The whole application was made partly available on cloud (AWS) and rest was done on local servers (VPS) including sensitive data storage.


    • Teknologier:
    • Django Django
    • AWS AWS
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • CSS CSS
    • jQuery jQuery
    • Bootstrap Bootstrap
    • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Software Developer

    ION group - 9 månader

    • Treasury feeds monitoring.
    • Working on Unix/Linux systems and writing python/bash scripts for
      facilitating some daily CRON jobs and custom command /tools development.
    • Working on Flask based API setup which had GET endpoints for the internal users to access the reports generated daily by the servers.


    • Teknologier:
    • Python Python
    • Flask Flask
  • Software Developer

    HCL Technologies - 2 år

    • Web Development for Medical giant.
    • Creation of web services and APIs.
    • Working with production grade databases in MySQL.
    • Maintaining Django based legacy app which did not use REST APIs at its
      core, and used class based views heavily.
    • Working on AGILE based SDLC approach with more focus on testing.
    • Used Python2 to replace a lot of legacy code written in classic bash scripts.


    • Teknologier:
    • Python Python
    • Django Django
    • Flask Flask
    • MySQL MySQL


  • BSc.Elektronik- och kommunikationsteknik

    Babu Banarasi Das universitet · 2008 - 2012

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