Alp A.

Senior PHP Developer

Alp is a talented PHP developer with 20+ years of software engineering experience. He is exceptionally skilled in mobile development for iOS and Android devices.

He has great communication skills and team-leading experience and primarily prefers working with back-end technologies. He also has some experience with Flutter and Angular.

As an engineer, he prides himself in solving problems quickly and overcoming hard situations. Developing websites and being curious about every new technology is a passion near his heart.

Integrating websites with mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices is something he can do with ease. On the backend side, he prefers PHP and Node.js.

Main expertise

  • PHP PHP 10 years
  • MySQL MySQL 10 years
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap 7 years

Other skills

  • JavaScript JavaScript 10 years
  • Java Java 7 years
  • Android Android 6 years

Alp A.

40.90 € hourly


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Selected experience


  • Senior Software Engineer

    Lely Turkey Software Development - 3 months

    • Front-end Developer in Lely Horizon Project;
    • Android Developer in Lely InHerd Projects;
    • Agile Teams and Domain Driven Software Development;
    • Angular2 and NodeJS backend development.


    • Technologies:
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • Android Android
    • Angular Angular
  • Senior Software Engineer

    Triodor R&D Software and IT Ltd. - 5 years 8 months

    • Continuous development, bug-fixing, releasing in Google Play, of the applications of Lely InHerd (Cow, Today, System, HowTo, Signals, FarmNotes, FarmBeats, SystemToday, FarmSetup, FarmVisit and T4C Assistant);
    • İzocam Android Application;
    • iMoba Android Application (Germany – egg labelling systems);
    • All publishing and management of applications on Google Play and Firebase integrations;
    • Developed iOS applications with Objective-C;
    • Desktop application developments with C#;
    • Webservice and back-end application developments using Ubuntu server, Nginx and PHP-fpm;
    • Developed cross-platform software using QT.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Java Java
    • iOS iOS
    • Objective-C Objective-C
  • Software Engineer

    Akdeniz Technology Security and Defence Systems Ltd. - 5 months

    • Worked on speed tracking systems for Police Dept.;
    • Speed corridors, red light violence, License plate recognition systems;
    • Video analytics applications;
    • Radar systems developed with Microsoft VC++, LPR and video analytics systems written in C#;
    • Video analysis with OpenCV.
  • Software Developer

    Dione Cosmetics and Health Products Corp. - 6 years 8 months

    • Developed applications in Android;
    • Developed applications for iOS with Swift (early versions);
    • Content management system for the company
      web-based order application for vendors and transferring to Accounting department in Logo Tiger Plus.
    • website and logo, graphics design;
    • E-commerce application development and automatic transferring of data to Accounting department in Logo Tiger application;
    • Setting up the accounting programs and build applications based on accounts and profit calculation systems of distributors of the company;
    • System administration of the computer systems of the company (web, database, email, FTP).


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • Android Android
    • iOS iOS
  • Software Developer

    Analiz Bilişim - 1 year 7 months

    • Development of, payment system
      Online bank payment transactions handling (specialized software development);
    • Accounting program (LOGO) and website payments and orders transferring automation program developed for Goldmaster company;
    • Setting up the Linux and Windows-based servers and optimizations;
    • Software development team director.
  • Web Design and System Administrator

    DNA Bilişim - 1 year 2 months

    • Administration of the hosting services (Centos, Fedora);
    • E-commerce applications and web-based portal administration.


    • Technologies:
    • PHP PHP
    • MySQL MySQL
  • Network and System Administrator, Unix systems Coordinator

    Rapid Software - 2 years

    • Programming with C++ on UNIX-Linux based systems
      Advanced level database design and programming;
    • BSD Unix system administrator;
    • Fatih Üniversity Hospital Automation project (incomplete)
      ERP project (Automation project designed to get an ISO for the company, Makim).


  • BSc.Food Engineering

    Middle East Technical University · 1993 - 2000

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