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What is Java?

The Java programming language is an open-source application development platform first developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. The three most important principles of Java include inheritance, encapsulation, and polymorphism. Inheritance means that code can be reused between classes and subclasses. Encapsulation is a security principle that prevents any outside users from changing any parameters in any class. It can be set to public, private, or protected. Finally, Polymorphism means that one interface can be used to perform multiple actions at the same time.

  • Why use Java?

    Despite being a somewhat older programming language, Java is very much still in use to this very day. One of the biggest reasons why it remains relevant today is because of its Java platform independence. This means that, as long as your machine has the so-called Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed, a Java application can run on it without any issues. Lots of proven brands have been using Java for their digital operations and firm architecture, including banks, retailers, medical facilities, and tons of other organizations where consistency and high performance remain key.

  • Most used Java frameworks

    A Java framework is a set of prewritten code within the Java language that you can use and then reuse to create an application. Code reuse saves a lot of time that you can allocate toward making your java applications better, faster, and more optimized as well. The most popular Java frameworks include Spring, Struts, Grails, Play, JSF (Java Server Faces), Hibernate, Dropwizard, and more.

  • Biggest benefits of using Java

    According to many experts, Java is one of the most powerful languages that has ever been created. Web developers can use one of the many Java frameworks (the Spring framework and Spring Boot) to “unleash” their creativity while working with web servers, web browsers, configuration files, big data, or other projects that are either simple or complex in nature. Some of the biggest benefits of using Java include: it’s very simple to use, it functions as an object-oriented language, it’s very cheap to maintain, it’s platform-independent and it’s a very robust programming language overall.

  • Common uses

    The design pattern of Java is made as such to accommodate building a wide range of applications for multiple devices, such as desktop machines, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and tons more. One of the more popular Java features is creating applications that can run in a distributed manner and can then be executed at the same time across multiple servers or clients in the same network. Additionally, Java can be also used to write modules (also known as applets) that can be used as parts of a web page. Generally speaking, Java can be leveraged to create: web servers, mobile applications, web applications, GUI apps, middleware, embedded systems, enterprise-level applications, and more.

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