Ferit Ö.

Backend Developer

Talented C# and .NET developer with 5+ years of commercial experience.

A professional engineer with five years of commercial experience developing various software solutions in digital product management. Expert in all aspects of C#/.NET development, with a proven ability to deliver robust and scalable code.

Ferit is a self-driven and dedicated hard worker who is determined to get the engagement completed most efficiently and cost-effectively.

Main expertise
  • .NET Core
    .NET Core 5 years
  • .NET framework
    .NET framework 5 years
  • .NET
    .NET 5 years
Other skills
  • C#
    C# 5 years
  • Scrum
    Scrum 5 years
  • Agile
    Agile 5 years
Ferit Ö.


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Selected experience


  • Senior Back-end Developer

    GYBE Games, İstanbul - 2 years 4 months

    At GYBE Games, he worked as the only back-end engineer in the team;

    • Implemented tycoon, idle game logic with complete server authoritative model;
    • Connected systems such as Friendship, and clan using gRPC - Redis;
    • Managed DevOps team.


    • Technologies:
    • AWS AWS
    • .NET Core .NET Core
    • SQL SQL
    • Unity Unity
    • Terraform Terraform
  • Senior Back-end Developer

    Mudio Games, Istanbul - 2 years

    He worked at Mudio Games, an up-and-coming mobile gaming company, under the purview of Turkey's leading media content producer, MEDYAPIM.

    During his career at Mudio games, he had the following responsibilities:

    • Implement all back-end logic on the client-side and server-side;
    • Design and implement AWS;
    • Create event-based architecture;
    • In-app purchase management, SDK management;
    • Create a version management system, determining branching strategies and any other software lifecycle topics;
    • Implemented matchmaking;
    • Ran Unity server Instances on AWS Gamelift;
    • Transformed EvoX into a multiplayer game.


    • Technologies:
    • AWS AWS
    • .NET Core .NET Core
    • SQL SQL
    • Unity Unity
    • Terraform Terraform
  • Digital Technology Developer Associate

    Accenture Turkey - 2 years

    At Accenture he:

    • Connected construction – back-end developer (IoT Project of the year award from Microsoft);
    • Coordinated with international teams to develop large-scale web applications involving IOT devices with millions of data streams;
    • Designed and developed a Construction Management application supporting 10000+ IoT Devices that sends millions of data every day to be processed quickly;
    • Designed and implemented different complex backend flows such as KPI Calculation, device management, alert management, and others;
    • Designed database tables and wrote complex SQL Queries;
    • Managed CI/CD and any other DevOps work.


    • Technologies:
    • React.js React.js
    • Java Java
    • Spring Boot Spring Boot
    • AWS AWS
    • Azure Azure
    • DevOps DevOps
    • .NET Core .NET Core
    • SQL SQL
    • Terraform Terraform


  • BSc.Computer Science

    Bilkent University · 2011 - 2018

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