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David H.

Data Engineer

With two decades of experience, David serves as a highly-skilled Senior Data Engineer and Database Administrator proficient in managing MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server systems.

David has effectively overseen large-scale production environments throughout his career, implemented robust disaster recovery solutions, and automated critical processes.

David's proficiency extends to performance tuning, data management, and database health monitoring, leveraging tools like DataDog, Nagios, and Munin.

He also possesses expertise in scripting and programming languages such as Bash, PHP, and SQL and has a proven track record of leading teams and delivering projects on schedule.

With his solid technical knowledge and strategic problem-solving abilities, David is a valuable asset to any organization.

Main expertise
  • CSV 18 years
  • Data Engineering 15 years
  • ETL
    ETL 15 years
Other skills
  • Snowflake
    Snowflake 1 years
  • Python
    Python 1 years
  • Google Cloud
    Google Cloud 1 years
David H.


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Selected experience


  • Data Engineer

    Pason Systems Inc. - 14 years 3 months

    • Managing MySQL Percona production servers in a 26TB replicated environment for drilling data, encompassing thousands of databases (with millions of tables).
    • Automating balancing a sharded database system, transferring heavily used databases to nodes with lighter volumes, and archiving older data (over 200 databases daily).
    • Ensuring the high availability of databases through ProxySQL and Orchestrator.
    • Establishing geographically dispersed database instances for disaster recovery.
    • Conducting monthly tests for recovery point and recovery time objectives using Terraform.
    • Utilizing DataDog for alerts, monitoring database health, analyzing query performance, and managing automated jobs.


    • Technologies:
    • Data Engineering
    • ETL ETL
    • SQL SQL
    • Bash Bash
    • Golang Golang
    • MySQL MySQL
    • AWS AWS
  • Data Engineer

    Echostar Technologies - 1 year 7 months

    • Managing 5 MySQL production servers in a 10-terabyte replicated environment, recording set-top box health data, which grows at 14 to 17 gigabytes daily.
    • Creating a database alert system to monitor database and server health, master/slave balance, data integrity, benchmarking, and profiling.
    • Creating and approving database, table, and query structures for embedded SQLite systems used in millions of set-top boxes.
    • Overseeing and assisting with all other MySQL instances used in different departments.
    • Creating and teaching SQL courses for employees who interface with SQL.


    • Technologies:
    • MySQL MySQL
  • Data Engineer

    SubscriberBASE - 1 year 1 month

    • Managed 11 MySQL servers, which included 7 secondary servers in a replicated environment for an online media company.
    • Utilized Nagios, Munin, Trac, and MySQL proxy for performance monitoring, data management, server tuning, load balancing, backup and recovery, user profiles, and project management.
    • Developed a database panel to monitor database and server health, perform benchmarking, and conduct profiling.
    • Completed a LAMP-based data warehouse application with a report builder and fully automated ETL processes.


    • Technologies:
    • MySQL MySQL


  • BSc.BA

    University of Calgary · 1989 - 1992

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