Elman H.

Fullstack Developer

Elman is an experienced Senior Fullstack Developer with seven years of experience, boasting expertise in various technologies such as JavaScript, React, PHP, and Python.

Having worked in both eCommerce and AI industries, Elman demonstrates adaptability and openness to exploring new areas.

In addition to his technical responsibilities, Elman is dedicated to mentoring junior colleagues, conducting code reviews, and sharing his expertise to foster a collaborative and learning-oriented work environment.

Impressively, Elman has accumulated a substantial Stack Overflow reputation, boasting a rate of over 1000, showcasing his commitment to knowledge sharing and community involvement.

Main expertise
  • Bootstrap
    Bootstrap 5 years
  • React.js
    React.js 5 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 7 years
Other skills
  • PHP
    PHP 4 years
  • Laravel
    Laravel 3 years
  • Node.js
    Node.js 2 years
Elman H.


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Selected experience


  • Software Engineer

    Shopify - 1 year 2 months

    • Contributed to Shopify Balance Web as a Fullstack Engineer
    • Working on Shopify Balance mobile application as React Native developer
    • Contributing to Shopify Editions 23 Winter Editions as a Fullstack Engineer


    • Technologies:
    • React Native React Native
    • React.js React.js
    • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
    • MySQL MySQL
    • TypeScript TypeScript
  • Frontend Developer

    Scoutbee GmbH - 1 year 6 months

    • Hands-on coding to professionalize and accelerate product development.
    • Boost customer trust in the product by addressing critical bugs and adding unit tests using Pytest for the backend and end-to-end tests using Cypress and Playwright for the frontend.
    • Refactor existing code to adhere to DRY / SOLID principles.
    • Played a crucial role in creating a new event-driven architecture based on AWS Step Functions and SQS Queue.


    • Technologies:
    • Python Python
    • React.js React.js
    • Cypress Cypress
    • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • Docker Docker
  • Fullstack Web Developer

    DPI Creative Agency - 2 years

    • Created and supported Single Page Applications based on React.js.
    • Developed and supported Backend systems from scratch using Codeigniter and Laravel Frameworks.
    • Tested web applications and performed troubleshooting before deployment.
    • Developed and coded "Laravella" – CMS based on the Laravel Framework from scratch.


    • Technologies:
    • Bootstrap Bootstrap
    • PHP PHP
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • Laravel Laravel
    • HTML / CSS
    • MySQL MySQL
    • WordPress WordPress


  • BSc.Marketing

    Azerbaijan State University of Economics · 2012 - 2016

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