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Mohammad O.

Backend Developer

Mohammad has five years of experience as a Backend Developer, known for his high motivation and excellent programming skills.

He has worked with major companies like Microsoft, demonstrating outstanding communication and problem-solving abilities. Mohammad holds a degree in Computer Engineering and has been focused on backend development since 2018.

He is confident in his ability to excel in competitive environments and contribute to transforming small engagements into significant projects. Additionally, he mentors interns daily, is well-versed in Agile methodologies such as Scrum, and possesses a startup mindset. His experience includes maintaining legacy code and designing architecture.

Main expertise
  • Flask
    Flask 3 years
  • GraphQL
    GraphQL 2 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 5 years
Other skills
    Mohammad O.


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    Selected experience


    • Senior Backend Engineer

      Pixelcut - 10 months

      • Worked on developing the backend for the project used by over 18 million users
      • Scaled the project to millions of users without issues
      • Improved performances for different parts of the system
      • Integrated Open AI API to the system
      • Generated prompts for better results from the models.
      • Used AI models for different parts of the photo editor system
      • Helped in developing another services system using Go


      • Technologies:
      • Node.js Node.js
      • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
      • Redis Redis
      • TypeScript TypeScript
    • Senior Backend Developer

      Tresl - 4 months

      • Added complex SQL queries to show statistics for stores with dynamic filters.
      • Developed microservices using Node.js, Express, Python, Flask, and FastAPI.
      • Developed a web app showing statistics for different stores.
      • Fixed bugs with old code and improved performances for a system used by over 100K users.
      • Refactored parts of the code to use best practices and address security concerns.


      • Technologies:
      • Flask Flask
      • JavaScript JavaScript
      • Node.js Node.js
      • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
      • Python Python
      • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
      • Redis Redis
      • TypeScript TypeScript
    • Software Engineer

      Microsoft - 8 months

      • Worked on Clarity SDK for mobile apps.
      • Improved the performance of previous methods used by utilizing protocol buffers instead of JSON
      • Updated Azure CI/CD pipeline for more robust deployments.
      • Worked on Clarity Web to add new features to improve the user experience.


      • Technologies:
      • Node.js Node.js
      • TypeScript TypeScript
    • Software Engineer (Backend+Team Lead)

      Jabu - 1 year 1 month

      • Worked on the backend of an analytics engagement used by big companies to analyze their product's performance.
      • Handled tons of data, improved performance of queries to handle the vast amount of data in an efficient way
      • Worked on the backend of an Uber-like app with multiple modes to deliver shipments from warehouses over 50K users use.
      • Maintained legacy code
      • Implemented CI/CD pipelines relying on AWS infrastructure


      • Technologies:
      • GraphQL GraphQL
      • MongoDB MongoDB
      • MySQL MySQL
      • Node.js Node.js
      • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
      • Redis Redis
      • TypeScript TypeScript


    • BSc.Computer Engineering

      Cairo University · 2016 - 2021

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