Senior PHP Developer

33.9 €/h

Another one of our longest serving developers, Nick is talented and extremely easy to work with. He has deep knowledge of Laravel and JavaScript and works with a genuine enthusiasm for these technologies.

Nick is most effective when working with PHP. Although his main competence is therefore in the back-end side of web development, he also has a passion for Vue.JS and likes to programme front-end aspects of a design using JavaScript. Over the course of the last few years, he has created and integrated various APIs, always following DRY and SOLID principles.

Every Tuesday Nick attends a speaking club with native Americans and Brits. This is noticeable when one speaks with Nick - he can speak and write English at a high level.

This, combined with an impressive technical competence, makes Nick a highly-sought after resource. Throughout our time working with him he has always been available during the working hours agreed upon, showing real commitment to the work he has been doing.

  • PHP


    4 yr.
  • JavaScript


    2 yr.
  • MySQL


    2 yr.
  • Laravel


    4 yr.
  • Vue.js


    2 yr.
  • MariaDB


    1 yr.
  • Docker


    1 yr.
  • TypeScript


    1 yr.
  • Angular.js


    2 yr.
  • Symfony


    1 yr.
  • Redis


    3 yr.


    3 yr.
  • PostgreSQL


    3 yr.

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