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Oscar C.

Senior Data Engineer

Oscar is a highly specialized Senior Data Engineer with 13 years of commercial experience. He has worked in diverse industries such as AdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and Enterprise Software, demonstrating his expertise across various domains.

Oscar has gained valuable experience working in both the USA and the Netherlands. His technical skills include utilizing Golang, Python, BigQuery, Apache Spark on Databricks (AWS), and Scala to create robust software systems.

One of Oscar's proudest achievements was developing a patented idea with USPTO, which he successfully took to market. This project showcases his innovation and ability to bridge the gap between concept and commercialization.

In addition to his technical expertise, Oscar has demonstrated exceptional team-leading skills throughout his career, further highlighting his ability to deliver high-quality results in complex projects.

Main expertise
  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark 8 years
  • AWS
    AWS 10 years
  • BigQuery
    BigQuery 5 years
Other skills
  • Google Cloud
    Google Cloud 2 years
Oscar C.


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Selected experience


  • Senior Data Engineer

    Clevertech - 3 years 6 months

    • Developed a Reporting API for analyzing large-scale advertising campaigns (Golang, BigQuery)
    • Created an Advanced Query Tool in Golang for complex SQL queries, reducing processing time by 50%
    • Implemented Data Modeling for forecasting TV Ads performance to extrapolate impressions, increasing revenue by 20%
    • Debugged and improved complex queries in BigQuery, reducing overall query complexity
    • Enhanced collaboration with the Data Science team by serving as an interface with the Backend team


    • Technologies:
    • AWS AWS
    • BigQuery BigQuery
    • Golang Golang
    • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Co-Founder and CTO

    Sciencesheet - 1 year 8 months

    • Developed Codegen for ML pipelines (Spark, Scala, Python), accelerating data science processes by 10x
    • Invented and patented Codegen technology for processing millions of spreadsheet rows in Spark using Excel formulas
    • Launched a startup from idea to market within one year
    • Increased market reach by developing plugins for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
    • Successfully developed the AWS Backend using Sagemaker Autopilot, Lambda, EC2, SNS, and SES


    • Technologies:
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • AWS AWS
    • Hadoop Hadoop
    • Python Python
    • Scala Scala
  • Data Scientist / Engineering Manager

    PayPal (Xoom) - 3 years 9 months

    • Tech Lead for Data Science and Engineering team (Spark, Scala, Python)
    • Managed a team of five data scientists and data engineers
    • Developed a Locations indexer, doubling the speed of finding bank branches in India
    • Increased market coverage for the Sendmoney product by supporting FP&A analyses in Spark instead of Excel
    • Enhanced the effective reach of push notifications by 20% through segmentation analyses in Spark


    • Technologies:
    • Apache Spark Apache Spark
    • AWS AWS
    • Python Python
    • Scala Scala


  • MSc.Computer Science

    Delft University of Technology · 2009 - 2011

  • MSc.Management and Technology

    Delft University of Technology · 2007 - 2009

  • BSc.Computer Science

    Universidad Francisco Marroquín · 1997 - 2002

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