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Paris T.

Senior Fullstack Developer

Paris is a Senior Fullstack Developer with nine years of commercial experience. He boasts extensive expertise in PHP, JavaScript/Node.js, SQL, NoSQL databases, and microservices. As the Tech Lead Fullstack Engineer at Storemoods, Paris orchestrated the creation of a self-bootstrapped platform by leveraging freelancers, instituting CI/CD, and architecting fail-safe operations.

In his role as CTO at PricePanda & CarSpring, he managed cross-functional teams, expanded revenue streams, and streamlined processes, resulting in a 62% increase in sales growth.

Outside of his technical work, Paris enjoys exploring bioinformatics and interactive 3D graphics, showcasing his passion for multidisciplinary learning and innovation.

Main expertise
  • Vuetify
    Vuetify 4 years
  • Vue.js
    Vue.js 4 years
  • Flutter
    Flutter 3 years
Other skills
    Paris T.


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    Selected experience


    • Tech Lead Fullstack Engineer

      Storemoods - 7 years 5 months

      Storemoods is a self-bootstrapped platform to help retailers reduce their customer churn.

      ● Hired freelancers to speed up the development of the Angular-based front end and the TPM2 unit integration.

      ● Implemented CI/CD to manage the quality and development lifecycle.

      ● Architected the platform for horizontal automated scaling and fail-safe client operation. This ensures that even if the portal is down, the players (live streams, hybrid players, and EDGE players) will continue to operate.

      ● Developed an internet-edge player with cloud sync and control features, ensuring full functionality during internet outages. It supports full firmware rollout, customized firmware for special customers, and of course automated recovery and even upgrade rollback.


      • Technologies:
      • Vuetify Vuetify
      • Vue.js Vue.js
      • Flutter Flutter
      • MongoDB MongoDB
      • PHP PHP
      • React.js React.js
      • AWS AWS
    • Tech Lead Fullstack Engineer

      Sparheld International - 3 years 4 months

      Sparheld International is a coupon and special offers aggregation portal for the best shops online and offline.

      ● Managed and mentored a small team of 4 engineers, guiding them with best practices and code reviews, and providing valuable feedback on architecture and career paths.

      ● Moved the platform to AWS.

      ● Doubled the traffic per country by launching multiple “satellite” websites. They would collect the content from the original site, modify it and then repost it. This resulted in having multiple listings on the first page of relative Google search terms.

      ● As our styles and layouts were refreshed annually, the content team struggled to keep up

      • Reduced their workload and sped up the entire process by introducing a smart content authoring system that allowed non-tech content authors to quickly and safely write content that can be extensively tweaked automatically by the code.

      ● Increased SEO ranking by using ML models to rank the quality of content updates before publishing. This significantly enhanced content quality and aligned it with user demographics (age, education level, etc.) on a per-shop basis.


      • Technologies:
      • JavaScript JavaScript
      • MongoDB MongoDB
      • PHP PHP
      • AWS AWS
    • CTO

      PricePanda & CarSpring - 1 year 4 months

      Both companies are Rocket Internet ventures.

      ● Indirectly managed multiple cross-functional teams, totaling 65 members, organized into smaller units. This structure, with team and group leaders, enabled swift coordination and effective plan execution.

      ● Significantly expanded the company roster by hiring exceptional engineers, facilitating rapid prototyping and efficient execution across various domains (frontend, backend, data).

      ● Introduced additional revenue streams (Yahoo homepage widget, widget for WordPress, browser addon for end-users), increasing the sales growth by 62%.

      ● Established formal processes and procedures ending the chaos within the company. This structure minimized interruptions and pointless meetings while also providing a clear escalation path for emergencies.


      • Technologies:
      • JavaScript JavaScript
      • MongoDB MongoDB
      • PHP PHP
      • AWS AWS


    • BSc.Computer Science

      University of Hertfordshire · 2007 - 2010


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