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Piotr C.

Android Developer

Piotr is a professional software developer with eight years of commercial experience. Passionate about technology, he consistently seeks to enrich his skill set.

For the past six years, he has specialized as a native Android apps engineer, developing apps in Kotlin. Piotr has worked on a diverse range of apps featuring video playback and recording, Bluetooth connection, and VoIP capabilities. He led a team that built an app with over 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Piotr uses industry-standard Android libraries such as Kotlin Coroutines, Material Components, Dagger, Koin, Retrofit, Room, SqlDelight, Firebase, LeakCanary, AndroidX, and JUnit.

Main expertise
  • Android
    Android 8 years
  • Kotlin
    Kotlin 5 years
  • Material-UI
    Material-UI 7 years
Other skills
  • Firebase
    Firebase 7 years
  • JUnit
    JUnit 7 years
  • Java
    Java 2 years
Piotr C.


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Selected experience


  • Android Developer

    AIDDITIVE INC. - 11 months

    • Developed the Android application for the Solve.Care healthcare platform.
    • Integrated Bluetooth devices for health monitoring.
    • Rendered a dynamic, server-driven user interface for interacting with healthcare providers.


    • Technologies:
    • Android Android
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • Retrofit Retrofit
    • SQLite SQLite
    • Firebase Firebase
  • Writing articles about Android Programming

    Articles about programming - 2 years 7 months

    Writing articles about Android Programming - mainly about Jetpack Compose - to share the knowledge with the community.


    • Technologies:
    • Android Android
  • Android developer

    Ready4S Mobile Apps & iBeacons for Business - 2 years 2 months

    • Portable North Pole - multimedia application targeting children, allows watching personalized, interactive videos.
    • Led the team of 3 developers responsible for developing Android applications.
    • The application includes video playback and recording and dynamically built, server-driven user interface parts.


    • Technologies:
    • Android Android
    • Kotlin Kotlin
    • Material-UI Material-UI
    • Retrofit Retrofit
    • Firebase Firebase
    • JUnit JUnit
    • Git Git
    • Scrum Scrum


  • MSc.Acoustic Engineering

    AGH University of Science and Technology · 2009 - 2014


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