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Prashasti K.

Fullstack Developer

Prashasti is a highly skilled Fullstack Developer with over seven years of professional experience in the tech industry. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to her craft, leveraging leading technologies to deliver high-quality solutions. Prashasti's expertise extends to creating immersive XR products using Unity and A-frame, showcasing her passion for innovative technology.

With a robust background in Fullstack software engineering, Prashasti emphasizes frontend development. Her technical abilities are complemented by her strengths in interpersonal communication, time management, and problem-solving, making her a valuable asset to any team or project. Prashasti holds a BTech degree in Computer Engineering, underscoring her solid educational foundation.

Main expertise
  • React.js
    React.js 7 years
  • TypeScript
    TypeScript 4 years
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript 8 years
Other skills
    REST API 5 years
  • GraphQL
    GraphQL 3 years
  • Java
    Java 3 years
Prashasti K.


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Selected experience


  • Full-stack Engineer

    Arundo Analytics - 6 months

    • Enhancing the UI and UX for clients that use the platform to analyse their chemical production

    • Heading the team to release the design revamp of the product website

    • Writing tests to avoid any regression issues for the 2 major customers

    • Working on 2 product teams that cater to different customer segments


    • Technologies:
    • React.js React.js
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • Node.js Node.js
    • Material-UI Material-UI
  • XR Instructor | Developer

    XReality Pro - 2 months

    • Deliver immersive XR lessons via the XReality Pro platform to industry professionals and enthusiasts. Provide valuable insights and hands-on training in Extended Reality, catering to both professionals and amateurs;

    • Instruct members on the utilization of WebXR tools, emphasizing the A-frame framework for creating XR experiences;

    • Tailor sessions to meet the specific needs and skill levels of platform members;

    • Conduct open-to-public sessions to extend the reach and impact of XR education;

    • Keep abreast of advancements and changes in XR technology and tools to update and improve training materials continuously;

    • Collaborate with industry experts and professionals to develop and deliver cutting-edge XR content and lessons;

    • Offer guidance and support to platform members, assisting them in troubleshooting and problem-solving within XR development;

    • Evaluate the effectiveness of lessons and gather feedback to enhance the quality of XR education provided on the platform;

    • Engage in community-building activities, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment for XR enthusiasts and professionals.


    • Technologies:
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
  • XR Developer

    XR Terra - 1 month

    • Created immersive VR content demonstrating various applications and usage scenarios for Vector Solutions' platform;

    • Developed interactive VR experiences to showcase the practical applications of Vector Solutions' technology in real-world contexts;

    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure VR content accurately represented Vector Solutions' application capabilities and benefits;

    • Produced tailored AR content specifically for demonstrating LiveSafe, Vector Solutions' application;

    • Developed engaging augmented reality experiences highlighting LiveSafe's features, such as real-time safety reporting and incident tracking;

    • Collaborated closely with marketing and sales teams to align AR content with LiveSafe's key selling points, effectively communicating its value proposition to potential clients.


    • Technologies:
    • C# C#
    • 3D
    • Unity Unity
    • Augmented Reality Augmented Reality
    • Virtual Reality Virtual Reality
  • Full Stack Engineer

    CrazyGames - 3 years 9 months

    • Developed a feature to save progress for Unity and HTML5 games, serving over 3 million registered users, without requiring game developers' intervention;

    • Created two Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) within the same domain, leading to a 5% increase in website engagement within the first month of release;

    • Integrated the developer portal with the latest versions of the Unity engine and introduced an invite feature for games, fostering developer collaboration and community growth;

    • Conducted multiple iterations to optimize website performance, focusing on enhancing loading speeds and improving web vitals scores.


    • Technologies:
    • React.js React.js
    • TypeScript TypeScript
    • JavaScript JavaScript
    • Node.js Node.js
    • GraphQL GraphQL
    • HTML / CSS
    • MySQL MySQL
    • Next.js Next.js
    • Material-UI Material-UI
    • AWS Lambda AWS Lambda
    • Git Git
    • Scrum Scrum
    • Apollo Apollo
    • Unity Unity


  • BSc.Computer Engineering

    Dhirubhai Institute of Information and Communication Technology · 2011 - 2015


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