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Rouzbeh S.

DevOps Engineer

Rouzbeh is a DevOps engineer with five years of experience working with some of North America's leading companies. He is a certified Kubernetes Administrator and Azure Administrator, known for his ability to bridge development and operations through efficient, automated workflows.

He has extensive experience managing Kubernetes clusters in both Azure and AWS, developing third-party resources, and automating deployments. At Orckestra Technologies, he designed multi-stage CI/CD pipelines, automated scripts using PowerShell, and containerized applications with Docker.

Rouzbeh's expertise in CI/CD, infrastructure monitoring, and performance testing makes him a valuable asset to any team.

Main expertise
  • Azure
    Azure 5 years
  • PowerShell
    PowerShell 5 years
  • Terraform
    Terraform 5 years
Other skills
  • AWS
    AWS 2 years
  • Python
    Python 2 years
Rouzbeh S.


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Selected experience


  • DevOps Developer

    Aspen Technology - 1 year 2 months

    • Kubernetes cluster administrator in Azure and AWS environments.
    • Implemented and developed third-party resources for AKS and EKS clusters: Crossplane, Kyverno, Azure Service Operator, Cert-manager, and Keda.
    • Utilized Terraform, Flux, Helm Chart, Kustomize, and GitOps to automate Kubernetes cluster deployment.


    • Technologies:
    • Azure Azure
    • AWS AWS
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Kubernetes Kubernetes
    • Python Python
    • Git Git
    • Helm Helm
    • DevOps DevOps
  • DevOps Engineer

    Orckestra Technologies - 3 years

    • Designed and implemented multi-stage CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps.
    • Monitored all infrastructures based on Azure and collaborated with the IT department to enhance and upgrade them.
    • Implemented performance and vulnerability tests using SonarCloud and Snyk (3rd-party platforms) in the pipelines (continuous integration part).
    • Maintained and monitored existing pipelines for performance and healthiness.
    • Developed automation scripts in PowerShell required for pipelines or as requested by the Dev team.
    • Used Terraform to create Azure DevOps projects (including Projects, Variable Groups, Repos, Service Accounts, Policies, etc.).
    • Containerized API and web projects in the dev environment using Docker.
    • Implemented email notifications in multi-stage pipelines using SendGrid in Azure DevOps.
    • Created PowerShell automation scripts for Blob Storage migration, utilizing the AZCopy tool.
    • Developed tasks in Azure DevOps with contributing PowerShell scripts to check the status of the deployment center of AppService, delete the content of AppService before each deployment, check the status of parallel deployment on a VM, and copy the content of an AppService to a VM.
    • Monitored Azure DevOps using PowerBI.
    • Conducted massive data migration of blob storages in Azure, utilizing Function App to associate with DML (Data Movement Library) and the Durable Function approach.


    • Technologies:
    • Azure Azure
    • PowerShell PowerShell
    • Terraform Terraform
    • Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI
    • Git Git
    • DevOps DevOps
  • Junior DevOps

    Planbox Inc - 11 months

    • Designed and implemented CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps from scratch.
    • Supported the QA team by maintaining and monitoring related infrastructures and developing required scripts to ensure smooth testing.
    • Monitored infrastructure using the SolarWinds platform.
    • Created automation scripts in PowerShell to support the Dev Team.
    • Optimized stored procedures against SQL injection by using dynamic SQL queries and parameterizing variables to protect SPs from SQL injection.
    • Hosted private NuGet packages in Azure Artifacts from scratch.
    • Implemented Pingdom from scratch for uptime and real user monitoring.
    • Investigated the use of Power BI as embedded analytics from scratch.


    • Technologies:
    • Azure Azure
    • PowerShell PowerShell
    • Microsoft Power BI Microsoft Power BI
    • DevOps DevOps


  • MSc.Industrial Automation

    Concordia University · 2019 - 2020

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