Johan Flodin, Chief Product Officer of Ayd

Their telehealth platform, developed by technical talent from Proxify, has shown significant time and cost savings for doctors.

About Ayd

Ayd is a telemedicine platform for men, where they can get easy access to the proper healthcare and get advice and treatment for conditions that are stigmatized, straight to their mailbox.

They have developed a telehealth platform that allows patients to connect with a medical doctor and make the process easy and efficient for everyone.

The challenge

Three factors made Ayd’s hiring for developers a challenge. The first and most obvious one is that developers are significantly hard to find in the Nordics.

The second challenge was finding developers interested in working with this type of engagement, as competition is high. In an industry landscape with plenty of exciting SaaS businesses and tech giants, telehealth is a niche that isn’t attractive to everyone.

And lastly, Ayd was always meant to be a remote-only company. So they needed developers who would work for them without the existence of a physical office.

The solution

The fact that Ayd always planned to work remotely opened the borders of Sweden for potentially hiring developers from other countries. Since Johan was already aware of Proxify and its services, he reached out, hoping to find a skilled developer to help build their platform.

The first factor that made Johan realize it would be a fruitful collaboration was seeing that Proxify was supporting Ayd throughout the hiring process, and that support didn’t stop after they hired someone, he says.

He was happy to learn that Proxify cares about Ayd as a company and its success and that the company is checking on the developer to see if they are also happy with their working experience.

“The most beneficial thing has probably been them being very professional, quick, supporting us throughout, and ensuring we succeed.”

The results

Ayd - Results

With their Proxify talent, Ayd is developing a telehealth platform that supports patients and medical doctors by providing an efficient meeting platform where all medical data is saved, assorted, and easily accessible.

One of the bigger assignments that the Proxify developer is working on is integrating the system with the Electronic Medical Record (EMA) that Ayd is using to ensure that the information on the platform is seamlessly transferred to the medical record.

Their platform, Johan adds, is invaluable to patients because it matches them with the best experts in niche fields while helping them avoid talking about topics that bring them discomfort in person, such as erectile dysfunction, balding or skin problems.

At the moment, Ayd has a team of four developers, and their workflow with their remote setting is, as Johan says, “pretty standard for a startup.” But he’s happy to see their Proxify developer being very resourceful and full of ideas, mainly because they needed someone really skilled in his field.

“He has expert knowledge in his area, which is super valuable for us and much needed.”

One specific positive metric that is directly coupled to their Proxify developer's work for Ayd was significantly reducing the time a doctor needs to spend on a specific case, and increasing efficiency.

Before they got their Proxify developer to integrate data with the EMR, a doctor's time on each case was around eight to ten or even twelve minutes sometimes. Now that number is about three to four minutes.

“So, you do the math. It's a lot of time saved per case. Hence a lot of money is saved, especially once we get up to high volumes.”

They have started to see some real traction recently, and he believes the number of overall money saved will grow over time.

The way forward

With the help of skilled developers and innovation in HealthTech, Ayd wants to get closer to the patients and strengthen their relationship with the end users.

They have ideas that will help guide the patients in their journey of getting better even after they get a prescription, such as an app that reminds them to take their pills, how they can be supported in their long-term recuperation, and how they can track their results.

“I want to see us growing and becoming closer to the patients. And we would need some good developers to support us in getting there.”

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