Proxify ensures your remote developers get the job done: Time tracking, virtual standups, and integrated calendar

Jul 23, 2020 · 1 min read

How can you be sure of what the developer is working on when work is being performed remotely? How can you even be sure that they’re working?

These are inevitable questions when outsourcing and working with remote professionals. We believe that transparency is key for a successful working relationship with freelance programmers on your team. Here’s how Proxify makes sure you’re in control of what’s getting done and that you’re not paying for unnecessary tasks.

  • Daily status updates via our own virtual standup meetings software, which forms an integral part of our client login.
  • Developer time tracking software enables us to compile time reports on the hours worked by our developers and designers and for our clients to have access to up to date information, on the fly.
  • Integrated calendar where our clients are able to see upcoming vacation for people working on their project and any public holidays which could disturb the work being performed.

With the client login, we have created an all-in-one, go-to place for our clients to remain in complete control, to see work as it gets done, and to plan and decide the pace at which work gets done.